101 in 1001: Another Update

You know, every time I revisit my 101 in 1001 list, I always feel very unaccomplished, but then I also feel very motivated to get some fun stuff done! Over the last few months, I did accomplish a few things… like finishing a Lynda course for Framemaker and html, I watched a new movie starting with the letter M (Moana, and I really liked it a lot!!!), I left a 100% tip for great service, I went “hiking” (Dallas doesn’t really have great hiking options, so a friend and I did the best we could), and I read a few more books.

I feel like I still have plenty of time to get this list finished with (over a year!), but I’ve picked out a few things that I want to try and do over the next few months. Those are to read MORE books, take a calligraphy class, go to the farmer’s market, take a trip with a friend (a few of my girlfriends and I are trying to put together a little weekend road trip and I am getting so excited!), try another ice cream recipe (while the weather is still warm), and make my bed every day for 1 month. We’ll see how that last one goes… 🙂

Currently, the only place this list lives is here on my blog, but I’m thinking about maybe printing it out and keeping it on my fridge. Maybe seeing it every day will actually make me remember what I wrote down and then do some more things!!

Have any of you made your own 101 in 1001? What’s the best thing on your list?

101 in 1001

Start date: March 29, 2015
End date: December 25, 2018

  1. Bake a delicious cake from scratch (chocolate cake with Bailey’s cream cheese frosting)
  2. Donate my hair to locks of love again (technically I donated it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, but same thing.)
  3. See all of the Texas State Fair
  4. Crochet a blanket for my friend’s new baby
  5. Open a seperate savings account for a house downpayment
  6. Take a trip to San Antonio
  7. Spend an afternoon reading at the park
  8. Finish my Lynda courses for FrameMaker and XML
  9. Make my bed every morning for 1 month
  10. See an awesome concert (Motion City Soundtrack 5/18/16, Turnpike Troubadours 6/2/16, Ben Rector 10/10/16, Relient K and Switchfoot 11/16/16, Dashboard Confessional 2/11/17)
  11. Attend some sort of “fest”
  12. Walk around White Rock Lake
  13. Pick a pumpkin and carve it
  14. Make a photo book for 2015
  15. Make a photo book for 2016
  16. Make a photo book for 2017
  17. Go to a trivia night (Disney Trivia 6/2/16)
  18. Take a day trip to a fun location (Waco, TX)
  19. Make my own bath bombs
  20. Take a trip with my mom
  21. Watch a new movie for every letter of the alphabet (A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z)
  22. Host a friendsgiving dinner
  23. Get involved with a ministry at church
  24. Floss every day for 1 month
  25. Get a matching set of luggage
  26. Walk 10,000 steps a day for 2 weeks straight
  27. Go to a game for a Dallas team (Cowboys, Mavericks, Stars, etc.)
  28. Bring in baked goods for my coworkers
  29. Go kayaking on White Rock Lake
  30. Go glamping/camping with friends
  31. Do another Whole30
  32. Host a visitor in Dallas
  33. Go to a drive-in movie
  34. Take a trip with my sister
  35. Blog every day for a month
  36. Leave a 100% tip for great service
  37. Get a keratin treatment done on my hair
  38. Read the complete Chronicles of Narnia series
  39. Read the entire bible again
  40. Visit a new museum in Dallas (Perot Museum, 6/24/16)
  41. Make a pie from scratch
  42. Host a holiday party
  43. Finish decorating my bedroom
  44. Read an entire book in one day
  45. Celebrate my 30th birthday
  46. Give up coffee for 1 month
  47. Try 25 new restaurants in DFW (1. Neighborhood Services, 2. TNT, 3. Dream Cafe, 4. HG Sply Co., 5. La Comida, 6. Company Cafe, 7. Mi Cocina, 8. The Great Outdoors, 9. Yolk, 10. Eatzi’s)
  48. Volunteer 50 hours for a good cause
  49. Try making 3 new ice cream recipes (1. Lemonade ice cream)
  50. Ride the bus to work for 1 month
  51. Don’t hit snooze for a week
  52. Try a new fitness class
  53. Have dinner on a rooftop
  54. See the Springfield Cardinals play in Frisco (6/3/16)
  55. Unplug completely for 24 hours
  56. Go to an amusement park
  57. Sew a skirt and wear it in public and not die of embarrassment
  58. Have a game night with friends
  59. Take a crafting class (hand embroidery via Brit+Co)
  60. Go on a picnic
  61. Send a “just for fun” package to my nephews
  62. Make a t-shirt quilt from college shirts
  63. Read 30 minutes before bed for 1 month
  64. Make my own greeting cards to send to people
  65. Vote for President!
  66. Go hiking
  67. Go one month without shopping
  68. Take a trip with a friend
  69. Complete the Couch to 5K app again
  70. Run in a fun 5k
  71. See a concert at Billy Bob’s
  72. Make my own business cards
  73. Go one month without ordering takeout
  74. Send 5 “just because” gifts
  75. Get a blowout at Drybar
  76. Make 10 recipes from cookbooks I own (1. Snickers Surprise Cookies, 2. Almond Milk, 3. Olive Oil Mayo)
  77. Buy a good pair of rain boots
  78. Go to the botanical garden in the spring and the fall
  79. Have a staycation in/near Dallas
  80. Go to the Dallas Farmer’s Market
  81. Find a good face lotion for everyday use
  82. Go to the Texas Tulip farm
  83. Give up soda for 6 months
  84. Take a roadtrip
  85. See a musical on stage (The Little Mermaid, March 2016; Wicked, May 2016; Jersey Boys, November 2016)
  86. Finish a DIY project (Treat Yo Self tea towel)
  87. Organize pictures on my computer (and back them up!)
  88. Replace worn-out wardrobe items
  89. Find my correct shade of lipstick
  90. Play in the snow
  91. Journal every day for 1 month
  92. Join a professional organization
  93. Take a calligraphy class
  94. Complete the 30 Day Shred dvd (actually in 30 days)
  95. Avoid sugar for one month
  96. Do something fun to celebrate New Year’s Eve
  97. Get a massage
  98. Visit a new city in the US
  99. Do stand up paddleboarding again
  100. Stretch every day for a month
  101. Read 50 books (1. All the Light We Cannot See, 2. The Beautiful and the Damned, 3. Hamilton: The Revolution, 4. Astonish Me, 5. The Time Traveler’s Wife, 6. The Bassoon King, 7. The Bell Jar, 8. Where Things Come Back, 9. The Knockoff, 10. Letters of Note, 11. Pain, Parties, Work, 12. Spell It Out, 13. The Astronaut Wives Club, 14. Everybody Rise, 15. Texts from Jane Eyre, 16. Girl with a Pearl Earring, 17. Gone With the Wind, 18. Northanger Abbey, 19. Luckiest Girl Alive, 20. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, 21. The Dinner, 22. The Age of Miracles, 23. The Nest, 24. Gone with the Wind, 25. Eligible, 26. Today Will Be Different, 27. The Thousandth Floor, 28. The Woman in Cabin 10, 29. Where Am I Now?, 30. The Hopefuls, 31. The Magnolia Story, 32. Murder on the Orient Express, 33. Maybe In Another Life, 34. Good as Gone, 35. Interrupted, 36. Paris for One, 37. Scrappy Little Nobody, 38. A Wife of Noble Character, 39. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, 40. The Goldfinch, 41. The Princess Diarist, 42. Brooklyn, 43. The Futures, 44. Big Little Lies, 45. All Our Wrong Todays)

Five for Friday #34

Hello and happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week and you havnen’t melted in the summer heat yet. I almost did a few times, but that might be because I wear a cardigan and pants to work and then still wear the same cardigan and pants when I run my errands after work and when I finally get home, I feel so sweaty and gross. And it really hasn’t been that hot yet, but I know it’s going going to get worse as the summer goes on.

Speaking of summer… Is it just me, or is it just ABSOLUTELY CRAZY that the summer is halfway over already?!? (Yes, I still mentally think of the summer in terms of the school year, and I don’t know if that will ever change). This has without a doubt been the busiest, crazies, quickest few months. Work has been bonkers, I have been to Las Vegas (twice!!) and Branson in the last month, and I have more trips coming up! I’m actually leaving today to go to St. Louis for a friend’s bridal shower. After 13 flights over 3 months, I’ll be really happy to stay home for a while once August comes!

One || 10 ways to spend a perfect night in without Netflix.  I gave up my Netflix subscription a few months ago and honestly, I haven’t really missed it as much as I thought I would. It’s helped me to read more, workout more, and generally get more done!

Two || How to help someone who is grieving. Just show up. This interview with Sheryl Sandberg was really great, and it made me want to read her new book, Option B.

Three || This is so very me. 

Four || I love news articles about people being decent humans.

Five || I got this swimsuit to wear this summer and I LOVE it!! it’s cute and trendy, but covers everything that I want covered, and the keyhole in the front is low enough that there isn’t major cleavage happening. It’s only available online, but it fits true to size.

That’s what’s been on my radar lately! My flight to St. Louis looks like it will be completely full (never what you want) but I have a great book with me so I’m looking forward to my airport/airplane reading time. Have a fantastic weekend!

The Best Things I Brought To England

Oh my goodness that was such a fun trip! I just got back from spending a week in England with my family and it was just so wonderful. A 6 hour time difference is no joke and we were all a little bit tired for the entire trip, but we still managed to see a TON of great things and eat some food (England is not known for its food… we know that now…) and enjoy time together.

I plan on doing some more specific posts coming up soon to share what specifically we did and where we went, but for now I wanted to share some of the best things I brought on my trip, what I could have left at home, and what I wish I would have brought.

The Best Things I Brought:

Bobby Pins || Seems like something silly, but I am SO glad that I brought bobby pins with me! I wore my hair down every day, but I pinned the front of my hair back so I wasn’t constantly brushing hair out of my eyes while walking around.

Walking Shoes || I probably would have been fine with booties or flats, but I’m really glad that I brought extremely comfortable walking shoes (specifically, I brought a pair of New Balance casual sneakers). We just did so much walking, and my feet still got a little bit sore, but I know these helped out a lot.

Sleep Mask || Blocking out light was so helpful on the plane. The cabin was pretty dark, but people had their screens on to watch movies and it got pretty bright.

Portable Charger || THIS WAS THE BEST THING I BROUGHT FOR SURE! The one I got off Amazon was seriously so great. It kept all of our devices charged all day, which was essential since we were using our phones to navigate the streets, call up an Uber, sending snapchats, etc.

Hand Sanitizer || This was a no brainer, but I’m also glad I brought it. Traveling is very dirty and disgusting. And we ate a lot. This helped.

Things I Didn’t Need to Bring

Rain Boots || If it would have rained a lot, then these would have been great! But it rained for about 20 minutes of our trip (seriously how did we luck out like that?!?) So I really didn’t need to have these taking up space and weight in my suitcase.

So Many Clothes || We had the opportunity to use a washing machine on our trip (at our Air BnB) so I could have brought half the amount of clothes that I did and just done laundry one night.

So Many Snacks || I definitely overdid it with the snacks. I brought some Cheez-Its, some cashews, some candy for the plane, some peanut butter crackers thinking that I would want snacks and my family would want snacks, too. I ate the candy, 1 pack of cashews, and 1 pack of peanut butter crackers. At least now I have snacks ready to go at home!

What I Should Have Brought

Eye Drops || I probably didn’t actually need to bring these, but my eyes did feel pretty dry and tired and I bet eye drops would have helped.

I feel like I packed pretty well, overall! There really wasn’t a lot that I forgot to pack, but there was obviously quite a lot I didn’t need to bring with me. (But I’d rather have over prepared than forgot all the essentials, right?) I’m really glad that we went, and I’m also really glad that I’m home. I can’t wait to share more about our trip later!

More Podcasts I’m Loving!

Happy weekend to you! Hopefully when this gets posted I will be sleeping soundly, because I will have just gotten back from my big trip to England about, oh… 7 hours ago. I haven’t been in a jet lag situation since I was 6, so I’m honestly not sure what I’m going to feel like. But I’m just glad that we booked the trip so that we got home late Friday night and then have an entire weekend to recuperate and get back on schedule for the next week. Hopefully my sleep schedule isn’t too crazy this weekend!

One thing I did before I left for England last week was to download a few episodes of my favorite podcasts to listen to. (I use the Stitcher app for my Android phone – I highly recommend it!!) I love love love me some podcasts, and wanted to have a few options to listen to in case I got tired of reading on the plane. I’ve listened to a LOT of different ones over the years, and I’ve found a few that I hate, a few that I tolerate, and a few that I absolutely love. I’ve listened to a few new ones recently and wanted to share the ones I have been enjoying! Let me know if you’ve listened to any of these before or if you have a favorite I should check out!

The Fates of Rory’s Boyfriends – Revisited

Before the Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls (A Year In The Life) came out, I wrote a post where I speculated the fats of Rory’s boyfriends. Shockingly, it was titled The Fates of Rory’s Boyfriends. I know. I’m so original. I thought that since now A Year In The Life is out, I should revisit the post and see if my predictions were correct!

Now, some of the boys that I speculated about weren’t featured in AYITL, so we can just assume that I am 100% right about them, right? Good, glad that we all agree, and I’ll just skip over those guys. As for the others that were included, I think I wasn’t that far off!

Dean – Oh Dean. Your future is not so bright. After breaking up with Rory for a third time (outside of Richard and Emily’s male Yale party, remember?), life was not kind to Dean. It wasn’t bad, just not awesome. He stuck around Stars Hallow for a little while (still living at his parent’s house and all) but he finally moved to the neighboring town of Woodbridge, where there seemed to be more opportunities for a young person who is kind of good at carpentry. He got super into Crossfit and has a man bun right now. He tried to rekindle things with Lindsay after a few years had gone by, and they were together for about 8 months, but she broke it off again when she realized he would never truly be over Rory. He is currently still single, but has “dated” every girl in his Crossfit box at least once. Revisited: So I wasn’t completely right about Dean… Although my guess could have totally happened, we don’t know! I was happy to see that he was happily married with kids, though.

Jess – I say yes to the Jess! (Gilmore Guys reference there, for any other Gillies reading!) Jess lived in Philadelphia for a while, working for the small publishing group and continuing to write in his spare time. He has published a book of essays and a full-length novel, which became marginally popular and is currently being made into a movie. Jess eventually moved to New York City where one of his essays is being produced into a play (it’s off off Broadway- don’t worry, Jess did not sell out.) He sees Rory from time to time when she is in the city, and they always enjoy catching up as old friends. Revisited: I was partially correct when it came to Jess! He became successful (in that he isn’t homeless) and has matured, and it was made pretty clear that he and Rory kept in touch every now and then over the years. One thing did become very clear in the revival tho… Jess is WAY too good for Rory! Go get someone better!

Logan – Logan won’t let a break up get him down! He did go to California like he planned, and had a fun time while there. He sold back the engagement ring and used that money to pay for a weekend in Vegas with Colin and Finn to drown his sorrows celebrate being a bachelor. He is rising in the ranks at his job and has merged his company with his family’s making himself a business tycoon. He has been engaged once, but called off the wedding when he realized that his bride-to-be was more interested in his family money than him. He is currently dating someone but has no desire to settle down for a while. He keeps an eye out on Rory’s career (from a distance) and had someone offer her a job at one of his family papers in NYC. Revisited: So I was kind of right here… Logan is still kinda slimy and is obviously doing well in his professional life. Clearly he is not ready to settle down (even though he is engaged) since he is cheating on his fiance with Rory. Boo.


Doyle – While Doyle and Rory weren’t actually interested in each other, he did awkwardly kiss her that one time and that means he gets added to this list. Doyle did follow Paris to her grad program and followed her again when it was time for her residency. They got married and Doyle likes to joke about that drunken kiss whenever Rory comes to visit them and their kids. (Paris does not like those jokes, tbh). Revisited: Doyle and Paris DID get married!!! But now Doyle and Paris are splitting up. Womp womp. I really like to think that they figure out a way to stay together, because Paris and Doyle are the best!

Tristan – Military school was very good for Tristan. He shaped up and began to see the potential in him that Rory always knew was there. He went to college at Dartmouth and kept waiting for Rory to join Facebook so that he could send her a friend request. He finally tracked her down and sent a quick note to say thanks for believing in him, which she thought was very nice. Tristan got a job at his father’s company, lives in Connecticut, and married a nice society girl who is also in the DAR. He ran into Rory once when she was back in Hartford visiting her family and they said they would keep in touch. She gets a Christmas card from Tristan’s family every year, but that’s about it. Revisited: So we didn’t actually get to hear from Tristan, and we didn’t even see the REAL Tristan (lame actor stand-in….psh) but the fact that he came back for the alumni day at Chilton means that he probably lives close by, so I’ll assume I’m right about him.

Robert (Logan’s friend that took Rory to the Quentin Tarantino theme party) – Robert thought all of his dreams were going to come true. His parents died early (sad for them, but Robert was always kind of awful and didn’t mind) and left him all of their money, which he then blew through within 2 years on vacations and building a giant mansion. He now shares this giant mansion with 42 roommates just to pay the bills. Revisited: We actually see him again! We see that he is still just as ridiculous as ever. If he hasn’t blown through all his money yet, then he will soon if he keeps being crazy with the Life and Death Brigade boys.

So while I didn’t get everything right, I didn’t get everything totally wrong, either! I like the way the characters turned out on A Year In The Life, but I also like the fake lives I gave them, too.