We Have Mother Nature

Quick back story… A few years ago I was an RA in a residence hall at my school. One night in May (I say night, it was really like 5:30am) there was a tornado warning and all the students in the building had to squeeze into a tiny little basement. 600 students crammed in a small space before 6am… It was unpleasant. What made up for it, however, was when the hall director got on the speaker system and announced to everyone that “We have… mother nature…”  It confused everyone, made us collectively roll our eyes, and it has become one of my favorite quotes that I try to use as often as possible.

Which brings me to yesterday. It is the middle of summer which means that it is undoubtedly hot. Seriously, it’s getting a little ridiculous. It hasn’t rained in the longest time and then miraculously it started raining….. In my office.

It was crazy! And this picture does not do the situation justice. Water was streaming from the ceiling at a rapid rate for at least 10 minutes. I think the best part of the situation was the fact that me and my coworkers just stood there watching it happen. Laughing. Dumping out the full containers, and then watching some more. And all I could think was “we have mother nature.”

Feel free to use that phrase, by the way. You’ll be really glad that you did, and James VDB will be glad for you, too. (I said I was going to use his expressions as much as possible!)


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