Monogram Madness!

I have been in a really creative mood lately. Upside- I have all these awesome ideas floating around in my head about all the things I can make and paint and craft and bake and how adorable life will be when I’m done! Downside- I have worked over 50 hours this week so far and I’m not feeling 100%, so I haven’t had the time or the energy to do anything fun or crafty. A real bummer, I know.

A rainy day outside plus not feeling well meant that I immediately made myself a mug of tea, got into my pajamas, and hopped into bed when I got home from work. I thought that I would check Facebook really quickly before I took a nap, and after looking at my profile I decided that I didn’t like my current cover picture. I mean, it was ok (it was just a navy and coral chevron print) but I really wanted something more fun and more “me.” So putting my nap on hold, I immediately put my creative efforts to work and I LOVE what I came up with! 


I started out with a Lilly print (Crown Jewels) and created a monogram to put on the top! I downloaded a special font to create the monogram (Little Lord Fontleroy) and I love the way the letters turned out. Just a FYI, this font looks GREAT in lowercase as well! Finally, I re-sized the image to fit as a Facebook cover picture and voila! 

I think that it turned out pretty well and I must admit, I think that it jazzes up my Facebook quite a bit!! This was so easy and fun to make, and seeing as how I am a little bit obsessed with monograms, I think I will be making quite a few of these in the near future! But first, nap time!



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