Balloon Glow

St. Louis has a lot of great (and free!) events and traditions. Balloon Glow is one that I have wanted to go to for years and years and years and just never was able to… until this year! It is probably exactly what you are expecting from the name- hot air balloons that light up and glow at night. But it was so much cooler than I expected!


I got to Forest Park pretty early to get a good parking spot (got a great one super close!) and so I set out my blanket and read while I waited for the event to start and for my friends to join me. It was really cool getting to see the balloons fill up- there were so many of them!


I kind of thought that this would be just a spectator event. Stay behind a certain point, just watch the balloons light up, watch fireworks, and then go home. I had no idea that we would be able to actually walk right up to the balloons- they were so gigantic! And the baskets seemed so small in comparison! And the fire was SO BRIGHT AND SO HOT! (Duh, fire is hot, but it was really putting off heat!)


I had other plans on Saturday so I didn’t get to see the balloon race, but hopefully I’ll be able to go to that next year!







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