Thanks, Open House…

Yesterday as I was driving through Tower Grove South, one of my favorite neighborhoods in St. Louis, I saw a sign for an open house and decided to stop it. It. was. BEAUTIFUL! It was also almost $400,000. Just a bit over my budget…. Ok just a lot over my budget. But it was so much fun to walk through and see how they staged everything, the paint colors they chose, the way they re-did the kitchen… gorgeous. It made coming back to my little apartment not much fun.

When I did get home, I immediately got on Pinterest. I was feeling inspired and wanted to find some more house ideas that I could incorporate into the house that I have been starting to think about the possibility of maybe looking into buying sometime in the future (again, I sound super confident about this!) Here are the things I’ve been loving so far…

Mint Kitchens

Colorful Bathrooms

Built-in Bookshelves

Pallet Projects

Bi-Color Cabinets

So many cute ideas! I wish I could use all of them right now!!! But the longer I wait, the longer I’ll have to look for inspiration and plan some things out. It also seems like I will probably need 3 kitchens, 8 bathrooms, 16 bedrooms, 3 different front porches, and a giant backyard to be able to use all the ideas I love (how are you supposed to pick just 1 design for just 1 kitchen?!?) That’s totally reasonable, right? Are there any other fun ideas that I should be thinking of? What do you love most about your house?


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