My Apartment Tour

You guys, this has been a really great week- and even better, tomorrow is Friday! I’ve been working on a lot of projects around my apartment, have shown you a few, and I want to do a full photo tour of my apartment! However, wouldn’t it be more fun to see what my apartment looked like before I moved in and it was totally empty? I thought so. Here we go!


The stairway up to my apartment- that’s my front door down there!


Top of my entryway


The living room


Dining area (and one of the few overhead lights in the whole apartment!)


Hello, kitchen!


Linen closet at the end of the living room.


The bathroom- shower to the left!


My bedroom- 2 windows that finally have curtains now!


Best. Closet. Ever.

So there it is- and I’ll have some decorated pictures up soon! It might not be the nicest, newest, fanciest apartment, but it totally works for me. The location is perfect (halfway between work and my parent’s house), the rent is affordable, the location is safe, and the second floor means that I don’t have any noisy neighbors above me. Score!

I am so excited- I am making chili tonight! I’m trying out a new recipe that sounds delicious and if I like it enough, I’ll make it for the chili cook-off at work in a few weeks. There is also a costume contest the same day, and I need to get working on my super secret not so elaborate costume!


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