Five For Friday #10


1. Llamas are probably my favorite animal and so these two runaway llamas totally made my day.

2. Loving this mug from Ashley Brooke Designs (especially as a nod to Parks and Rec ending this week). All her stuff is so adorable.

3. 44 small changes that affect your health in big ways. Some great little tips.

4. I got this adorable journal for my birthday and it will be so fun answering these questions every day!

5. How cute is this little print of the Dallas skyline?!?

Happy Friday! I hope that everyone’s week has been as stellar as mine! Tonight it hopefully going to be my make-up birthday dinner with my friends at Bailey’s Range and let me tell you, I have been craving these delicious burgers and shakes ALL WEEK LONG! It should be fun! And then my mom is coming over tomorrow to help me with a few projects around the apartment. I am looking forward to having a very productive weekend, so hopefully it is actually productive!


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