Why My Name is Not Katie

I’m sure you have figured it out already, but my name is in fact not Katie. Yet somehow I still get called Katie pretty often, sometimes on accident, sometimes on purpose. I figured it was about time to share the story of why name name is not Katie (but don’t worry, I’ll still answer you anyway!)

It all started back in my freshman year of college. I was hanging out with some girls in a dorm room down the hall from mine, probably watching tv, but I honestly don’t remember what we were doing. The girls that lived in this room had their beds bunked and one of the girls, Nikki, decided to climb up on the top bunk to hang out for a while. While up there, she sat up and hit her head SO HARD on accident- seriously it made such a loud noise! We were trying to make sure she was ok and she decided that she needed to ask me something. So she started talking, talking at me, and was saying “Hey Katie!” Everyone, including her, looked very confused. She continued, “Hey Katie! No… I mean Katie…. Wait, Katie…. I mean Katie… I mean…. KELLY!” While we were all very concerned about the large bump that would appear on her head, we could. not. stop. laughing. (She is ok, by the way, no injuries were obtained, just a hilarious story).

From that day on, Katie became my nickname on my residence hall floor. Everyone called me Katie. Everyone. Even some of my door decorations made by the RA had “Katie” written on them instead of Kelly. I just got so used to responding to the name Katie, and it even got to the point that one time I almost answered a question in class when the professor called on some other girl named Katie. Seriously, I was extremely close to answering. That would have been interesting to explain!

I don’t really get called Katie very often anymore, but one of my very best friends still, to this day, calls me Katie every now and then. It’s like a little term of endearment, and I still love it.

So there you have it, that’s the story behind my blog title and why even if you call me Katie, I’ll still answer you anyway. Happy Monday, everybody, hope your week is starting out wonderfully!


2 thoughts on “Why My Name is Not Katie

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