Wisdom from the Land of Ooo

I am in a group chat with a few friends, and for a long time they kept quoting and talking about the cartoon Adventure Time. I had never seen it, but had always seen pictures and quotes from it around Pinterest. So finally one day, I saw that the first two seasons were on Netflix, so I sat myself down and watched a few. I have to admit, they were pretty cute. And super weird. But very imaginative. And their language and way of wording things is pretty hilarious and mathematical! It’s downright algebraic!

Surprisingly, Adventure Time spits out a lot of good advice and life lessons. I found some of the better ones and wanted to share!



On a completely unrelated note, this has been a baller week so far AND tomorrow is Friday! Hooray! I met with a friend for breakfast on Monday, had lunch with one of my favorite coworkers today AND had dinner with some friends last night- it’s crazy winding down my time here, it is going so fast! I still have so much I need to do! I better get working again! Happy almost Friday! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Wisdom from the Land of Ooo

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