Spring Daydreaming

The weather is finally starting to warm up here and I am so excited about it! Ok, so we’ve only had like 2 days of slightly warmer weather, but I’ll take what I can get. It has been a long and very cold winter and hopefully it is over now… hopefully. That would be really wonderful. I keep daydreaming about cute summer sandals that would be perfect for warm days walking outside with no snowy slush anywhere to be seen! Here are some of my favorites!







I need to get a pair of everyday cute and comfy sandals to wear everywhere and with everything. I had a perfect pair of leather sandals from Gap that I bought a few years ago that had a braided strap and a little buckle, but sadly I lost one of them in a lake last summer… oops. I’ll have to track all of these down and try them on and see if I can find a replacement go-to sandals- I love the first pair (Modcloth) and the third pair (Tommy Hilfiger) the most so far!


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