Five for Friday #13


Goodbye to California (enter sad tuba noise from The Price is Right here.) My short trip ends today and I fly back to Dallas. This week has been GREAT! Spending time at the beach, eating yummy food, meeting new co-workers and seeing some familiar faces from orientation, but mainly I’d say the highlight was getting trained for my new job. I was pretty confident during my interviews that this was the job for me, and now that I’m getting started and learning everything I AM SO EXCITED about it! I know that I will do such a great job and really enjoy coming to work everyday. Hashtag blessed.

Even though I was super busy, I still managed to find a few things things that I loved for this week.

1. These are the BEST no-show socks ever. EVER. They were an impulse buy at Old Navy and so worth it. Normally my “no-show” socks totally peek out the top of my flats, but these don’t. Go buy them now.

2. This video is just adorable and so true.

3. Respect the recipe. Read the recipe. Follow the recipe.

4. I’ve only been riding the bus to work for a few days, but I’ve already witnessed some big no-no’s. Etiquette is important.

5. I watched HGTV non-stop in my hotel and there were so many commercials for a new TV Land show called Younger and it looks pretty adorable and potentially funny! Plus it has Hilary Duff, so of course it will be worth checking out.

I am so excited to get home and sleep in my own bed tonight. I have so much unpacking to do this weekend and laundry to get done and other random things to do… I think I’d rather be back at the beach! Take me back!!!

Happy weekend, everybody!


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