Five for Friday #14


I was MIA for a little bit there… oops! I was busy prepping for a trip to Atlanta, and then I went to Atlanta for 5ish days (but almost missed my flight- I’ll go into that at some point!), and then I got back from Atlanta, and then I was just exhausted! I had a lot of fun, though, so all of the tiredness was definitely worth it.

Now that I am very well rested and all caught up with work and sleep and life, here are the top 5 things on my radar at the moment!

1. Now that I have a nice fancy new (to me) car, I need to make one of these car emergency kits.

2. There are a few projects I’d love to try, especially now that I’m so close to an Ikea!

3. This Harry Potter theory. Now that I’m rereading the books, it’s interesting to think about…

4. I started converting my closet over to a capsule wardrobe system and am so excited. So much more space. Still so many outfit combinations!

5. Just a fun little reminder for today.


3 thoughts on “Five for Friday #14

  1. I have read about the capsule wardrobe and many variations of it. Glad this one doesn’t make you include accessories. Good Luck! Are you going to store remaining items somewhere? (That’s what many of the proponents of this say to do.) TAKE A PHOTO of your closet when you have your final selections made.

    • That’s why I chose this one, because it didn’t include the accessories (I’m not quite ready to pare down on those yet!) I have 2 tubs of clothes leftover that I’m storing for other seasons and occasions- I’ll definitely take a picture when I’m all done!

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