Five for Friday #15


Hey hey hey happy weekend! I can not believe that it is already halfway through May. I’m in a bit of denial. I’ve officially been in Dallas for 2 months now which seems absolutely crazy and it is getting warm and I love it! It has also been raining like crazy. Basically rain (and quite a few super huge storms) every day. The rain is good for dry Texas, but it is bad for my huge hair. So many ponytails. I think I need to invest in some anti-humidity hair products… anyone have any that they recommend?!?

I’ve been finding lots of fun things that I wanted to share, but here are my top 5 as of late!

1. What Your Favorite Breakfast Cereal Says About You. According to this, I am a down-to-earth dreamer, a lover, and I have a DIY approach to life. And now I want cereal. (Speaking of which, am I the only one who eats my cereal dry? I have a glass of milk with it, too, but I like the cereal to stay crunchy! Everyone thinks I’m so weird for doing this!)

2. MINDY KALING WROTE ANOTHER BOOK!!!!! It comes out the end of September. You better believe I will be getting this one!

3. I need to make this Strawberry Milkshake Cake. It looks so good… But really. Someone have a birthday soon so I can make this cake for you. Or for me. I’ll take either.

4. Reese Witherspoon just released her new clothing line called Draper James. All of the items are adorable, but a little bit expensive. Or a lot expensive if you’re a girl on a budget like me. (I can’t spend $185 on a cardigan. Nope.) Reese has such a classic style and it definitely reflects in the line.

5. Now that I live in Texas, I should probably get this cutting board.



2 thoughts on “Five for Friday #15

  1. I’m a fan of a few cereals named; so maybe that means I’m eclectic! That cake! No don’t wait for an occasion, make it ASAP! And yes you need that cutting board! Hahaha. I love this post! Thanks for sharing! Have an awesome weekend.

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