The Mae-List

I’m pretty sure that you would be able to guess this by now, but I LOVE going to concerts. There is something so fun about going to see your favorite performers and bands live- to hear your favorite songs, to hear the excitement in the crowd, to see the band get amped up while playing- it’s the best!!!

I saw that Mae (one of my very favorite bands from high school) was coming to Dallas as part of a10th anniversary tour for their cd The Everglow and I REALLY wanted to go! But, I didn’t want to shell out $25 to go to a concert by myself, so I held off buying a ticket. The website where I found out about the concert had a contest to sign up to win 2 tickets…. and I WON! They emailed me to let me know I was the big winner less than 24 hours before the show… not last minute at all.

I went to the concert with a co-worker and we had a blast! The concert was in Deep Ellum and it seemed like such a cool neighborhood- I can’t wait to get back there and explore a little more! The first opening band was really really good (Mike Mains & The Branches), the second opening band was ok (All Get Out), and Mae was FANTASTIC! My buddy was such a trooper (he had never heard of any of the bands playing) and he didn’t make fun of me when my inner 17-year-old emerged and I sang and jumped around to every single song.

I put together a little Mae playlist, or Mae-list, with my favorite songs- give them a listen and enjoy!

mae list


6 thoughts on “The Mae-List

  1. I didn’t realize Mae got back together. I saw them a few times in 2004 and 2005. They were great live, good to hear they’re still solid. I’ll have to see if they’re coming to the west coast.

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