Whole30 Week 1

In case you missed it or the title of this post wasn’t obvious enough, yesterday I shared that I did the Whole30! I wrote down my thoughts at the end of every day because 1. I wanted to remember what it was like in case I decide to do another round of Whole30 sometime in the future and 2. Knowing that I had to write something about that day was major motivation for me not to cheat!

Day 1: Today wasn’t so bad! Actually, it wasn’t bad at all! But I’m pretty sure this is the easiest day for everyone, so… One down, 29 to go. I can totally do this.. it’s only 30 days.

Day 2: Ummm I’ve done it for a full day already… is the magic supposed to kick in yet? No? Really? Darn it.

Day 3: I ate healthy-ish before (or so I thought), so this really isn’t too much of a shock. I would only have dairy or wheat once or twice a week, so I don’t really feel like I’m missing out yet. I don’t miss sugar… yet… but I know that will come!

Day 4: Based on the meals I’ve had so far, I’m probably going to be eating a lot of chicken. And salad. And eggs. I need to get better about cooking some more things.

Day 5: To really test this, I stopped taking my daily allergy medication to see if this process will help with my seasonal allergies. It was a sneezy day. Hopefully that changes soon.

Day 6: I feel like my appetite has dropped waaaaaaay down. Like, I wasn’t hungry at all today, even at meal times. Is that normal? They talk about this in the book, but I don’t remember what they said at the moment. I’ll look it up.

Day 7: I had the most INTENSE craving today! I just wanted to eat all the cheese. Queso, pizza, more pizza, anything and everything with cheese!

Week 1 down! My favorite meal of the week: Huge spinach salad with 2 hard-boiled eggs, cubed ham, and baby carrots. Yum!
whole 30 week 1
Stay tuned- tomorrow I’ll be sharing my thoughts from week 2! Was it easier? More difficult? What was my favorite meal of the week? Can you stand the anticipation?!?!?

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