Whole30 Week 3

Let’s just jump right in, shall we?

Day 15: Friendly suggestion: don’t go to the Food & Drink section on Pinterest. No good will come of this. It will be all desserts and breadsticks and cheese and you will feel a strange mix of nostalgia and sadness. Your broccoli is waiting for you.

Day 16: Sigh. I don’t really like the meals that I made for the next few days… but I don’t want to waste food. If I were going to give in and just go drive through Taco Cabana instead, this would would be the time. But I won’t! I have some delicious sounding recipes coming up though, so hopefully those will be delicious!

Day 17: I went out to dinner with my sister and her family tonight! My eating restrictions choosing to eat healthy food and not cheat certainly limited what I could have. Thankfully we went somewhere that had a few delicious options for me! (I had a HUGE salad with shredded beef at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop! Yum!)

Day 18: I just watched the documentary Fed Up and I never want to eat sugar again. I know I’m going to, but man. I’m also glad now that I mostly brought my lunch while going to school. Yeesh.

Day 19: I went to a concert tonight, and normally concerts mean that everyone around is drinking some sort of something alcoholic, which is definitely not allowed while doing the Whole30. Thankfully, I knew that the buddy I went with doesn’t drink, so I didn’t feel out of place for  just ordering water. (The concert was really great! I won free tickets to see Mae!)

Day 20: Allergy update- they have gotten better! I can’t tell if it is just because of all the rain or if they are actually starting to go away, but I’m a fan!

Day 21: Oh I just realized I’m halfway done! Go me! This is actually going by pretty quickly! (I am counting the 12 day re-introduction period as part of the process, so instead of just 30 days, it becomes 42 days. Halfway woot woot!)

Favorite meal of the week: a delicious omelet with chopped green peppers, spinach, ham, and bacon! And don’t forget the La Croix! I got the Cran-Raspberry flavor and it is so good. These just might be my new addiction.


Things were definitely getting easier in week 3, but be sure to check back tomorrow to see how the last week (plus a few days) went!


2 thoughts on “Whole30 Week 3

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