Five for Friday #16


It’s the freakin’ weekend, baby I’m about to have me some fun!!! Just kidding, R. Kelly’s words aren’t super true for me, I have absolutely no plans for this weekend. All I have planned is to do some relaxing and do a little bit of cleaning and go to church and maybe run a few errands. After the jam-packed weekend I had last week, I’m ok with laying low this time around!

Here is what’s been on my radar this past week:

1. Why Everyone Should Unplug More Often. I think this about myself a lot, and actually need to start implementing it.

2. Speaking of unplugging, Camp Grounded sounds awesome. Sign me up!

3. 10 ways to use your instagrams IRL. I had some of my favorite instagram pictures printed a few weeks ago- more on that later!

4. If you live in Dallas and haven’t tried Rusty Taco yet, you need to!

5. Princess Charlotte’s christening pictures! How precious! Look at little Prince George! Look at the flawless Kate! I can’t stop!

I’m off to start enjoying my do nothing weekend! I’m anticipating listening to a lot of music while hanging out in my apartment- I’ll probably start with Ignition (Remix), because now that song is already stuck in my head.

Fun fact- R. Kelly is one of my many fantastic nicknames from college, and my friends still call me that to this day (along with about 4 other nicknames)! Maybe I should change my blog title to My Name Is Not R. Kelly?!? Nah…


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