My Motivation (and Plan) for Keeping My Apartment Tidy

I try my best to keep my apartment clean and tidy. It doesn’t need to be perfect all the time, but I do try to have it somewhat neat and presentable. What if a friend popped by and knocked on my door and there were dishes all over the kitchen? What if a maintenance guy came to fix something and saw clothes all over my bedroom floor and bed (which actually happened yesterday, no joke)? What if I get murdered and the police come to my apartment to look for clues but oh, they can’t tell what is going on because everything is a general mess?!?

Ok. I realize that the chances of me getting murdered are very slim and that will hopefully never happen, but… have you ever noticed that in some crime shows, the victim’s houses and apartments are SPOTLESS?!? Even when the cops show up unannounced to question suspects and family members, their houses are all neat and clean, too! At least, this is the case in the limited crime shows I have watched (mainly Monk and Psych… so maybe this is just a USA network thing…) Let’s look at some examples from the show Psych.

Episode 1.5, 9 Lives

7.8 Right Turn or Left for Dead

Episode 7.8, Right Turn or Left for Dead

Episode 8.5, Cog Blocked

Episode 8.5, Cog Blocked

Look at those. No clutter on the kitchen counter. No mail piled up on the dining table. No coasters or glasses half filled with water on the side table… So tidy!

I recently read about something called ‘completing the cycle‘ in regards to keeping your place picked up and it is so simple and it makes so much sense. Basically, you just finish what you start, each and every time. If you decide to load and run the dishwasher, you must unload it when the cycle is complete. If you pull off your pillows and comforter to change your sheets, remake your bed. If you get wrapping paper and ribbon out to wrap a gift, put all the supplies away when you’re done.

A stitch in time saves nine, and completing the cycle will help you keep clutter to a minimum and save you from putting all those little things away later. Makes so much sense, right? I’ve been very mindful of doing this for about a week now and it has been great! Go ahead, give it a try! Also watch Psych while you’re at it. I laugh out loud during every single episode! (Plus, the series just finished last year and the entire show is now on Netflix, so you can watch it ALL!)



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