Things to do by Yourself (When You’re Scared to do Things by Yourself)

Let me tell you about one of my friends in St. Louis. He does so many fun things and goes lots of fun places all by himself and he always has a blast. I told him last summer that I was envious of him because I’m too scared to go do things in public by myself and do you know what he said? “Kelly, YOLO!” He became my YOLO guide and taught me that it can be a lot of fun to do things by yourself and nobody else actually cares. In fact, most people won’t even pay attention to you. I think his exact words were “Nobody will notice you, nobody cares about you!” He meant that nobody will care that I’m alone, but I still like to make fun of him for telling me that nobody cares (jokes!)

While I’m still not absolutely wild about doing lots of things by myself, I am a lot more comfortable doing so now than I ever have been. This might be because I moved to a new place and still don’t have a lot of solid friends to hang out with all the time, but either way, I’ve really come to enjoy ‘me time’ out in the world. I’ve even made a list of things that would be easy (and fun!) to do by yourself!



  1. Go to a coffee shop (this is the ultimate baby step. You can bring a book! You can listen to music! You can work on your laptop!)
  2. Go shopping (another good way to ease yourself into enjoying time alone. And chances are that you already go shopping by yourself a lot anyway, so look at you! You’re on your way!)
  3. Go see a movie (go during the day on a Saturday if you don’t want to hang out with the evening date crowd. Also feel free to get as much butter on your popcorn as you’d like. Then add a little bit more.)
  4. Go out for lunch (a more casual meal. Bring a book or crossword puzzle if you’d like. You don’t have to go anywhere fancy, start small with someplace like Panera!)
  5. Go to a museum (with so many people focusing on other things, nobody will notice that you are there enjoying an afternoon by yourself.)
  6. Go to the park (enjoy the fresh air and get some good people watching in while you’re there!)
  7. Enjoy some pampering (schedule a massage or go get a pedicure. You’ll feel great after!)
  8. Explore a new hiking or walking trail (you’ll get some exercise and maybe find a new favorite spot!)
  9. Go to a farmer’s market (and buy yourself some fresh flowers while you’re there. You deserve it.)
  10. Visit a local monument (and take as many pictures as you want- there’s nobody with you to roll their eyes!)
  11. Get an ice cream cone (sit outside and enjoy a sweet treat- sprinkles will probably be required.)
  12. Go to a flea market (similar to going shopping, but you won’t have to fight with a friend over who gets to take home that great vintage find!)
  13. Try a new fitness class (get some great exercise while trying something new and different. Also, realizing that you’re not coordinated enough for Zumba might be easier when you know you will never see the people around you ever again.)
  14. See a musical production or play (there’s a better chance that you’ll find an awesome seat when you only need one ticket!)
  15. Go to a concert/festival (this is a BIGGIE! Definitely one to work your way up to. It’s less awkward when it’s an upbeat concert, a.k.a. super loud and energetic, where you wouldn’t be able to hear a friend talk, anyway.)

There you go, a little list to get you started on enjoying time by yourself. What are some other fun things that I left off the list? I’m always looking for more fun things to try and different ways to have some quality ‘me time!’


2 thoughts on “Things to do by Yourself (When You’re Scared to do Things by Yourself)

  1. Go to church. Sign up for a volunteer activity. Take a class (at the library, fabric store, Michael’s, community college, etc.). It might even just be a class that meets for a couple of hours and is done!

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