I Didn’t Want a Tray Anyway… (A Quick Rant)

I’ve just gotta do a quick rant real quick. Won’t you get irrationally stressed and unnecessarily confused/upset with me?!? Let’s go!

I went to eat at La Madeleine for lunch a few weeks ago with some coworkers and it was my very first time eating there. I was so excited! I had heard such good things and someone in the group I was going with really likes it a lot, so I was totally on board!

I even went online before we left to look over the menu and decide what I might want to order. (I do this before I go out ANYWHERE. Especially if it’s a place I’ve never been before. I just like going in with a general idea of what I might order, and that frees me up to spend more time talking with people instead of staring silently at the menu for 8 minutes.)

So we get there and immediately I have no clue what I am supposed to do.

Is this place cafeteria style? Must be- there is a line with trays and ladies standing back there serving our food.

Wait, is this not cafeteria style? Must not be- there are people just paying and walking away with no food in their hands.

So what do I do? I have no idea! Why am I so confused already? Ordering food should not be this confusing from the get-go!

Should I grab a tray? Yeah, everyone else seems to have one… I’ll go ahead and just grab one to be safe/fit in/have something to do with my hands for a few minutes.

I moved along in the loooooooong line and finally get up to the food area and then out of nowhere, some lady in an apron comes up to me and asks if I’m getting food from the line. “Ummmm, I don’t know… Maybe?” This was not out of indecisiveness, I just had no idea what exactly she was asking.

She then asks me what I want to order (good thing I came prepared because this lady was clearly not in a waiting mood!) “The chicken salad sandwich… please.”

And then without a word she just TAKES MY TRAY AWAY. And looked really annoyed that I had grabbed one in the first place. Ok, fine. I didn’t want a tray anyway…

She comes back and asked what side I wanted with my sandwich. “Salad, please.” And then she hands me a wooden spoon with a number on it and tells me to keep going in the line. But wait… what is this number for? Is this so the ladies in the food area know what kind of salad I want? Do I get my side salad here? Do I wait? Do I maybe still need a tray after all since I’m walking up to the salad section and maybe I get my salad here but I actually have no idea?

I finally get down to the end of the line (no, ma’am, you don’t get your salad here *rolls eyes*) and pay and wait for my food to come. I don’t know why, maybe I was just in a weird mood from work, but this was THE most stressful restaurant experience EVER! I feel like they should tell you on the website tha tyou need to know your order before you even get in line. And should maybe have signs on the door preparing you for the line process. And maybe a handbook at the tray station to explain…. ok maybe a handbook is taking it too far.

Now that I know how this hot mess of an ordering line works, I am confident that I can navigate my way and order without getting stressed out. But my goodness- that first time was ROUGH! And it wasn’t just me, all the other first-timers in my group were equally as confused.

And my rant is officially over now. Thanks for sticking with me on that one.

(My chicken salad sandwich and side salad was DELICIOUS, by the way! I highly recommend you get it, just don’t get a tray before you order… they don’t like that…) 🙂



5 thoughts on “I Didn’t Want a Tray Anyway… (A Quick Rant)

  1. Haha. Sounds confusing and weird. Like the kind of experience hipsters in Brooklyn like and that I avoid at all costs. Ordering food shouldn’t be that complex, no matter how delicious the meal.

  2. Haha, this is too funny! I have been going to La Madeleine for years, and it never occurred to me that it is a pretty convoluted ordering process. If you’re getting a salad as your entree or a soup or a quiche or something, you get a tray. The rest they will bring out to you when it’s ordered. However, I have never heard of people just taking your tray and being so annoyed you had one! They should have realized you were new there- guess your location just had rude workers that day. I’m glad you enjoyed your meal now, and can confidently eat there again knowing how to order now! Haha.

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