Five for Friday #20

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One – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince as a Teen Movie. I just finished reading this book, and I also just watched the movie, so I think that this ‘trailer’ is hilarious. They did a really good job making it seem like this would be a fun and hilarious teen movie!

Two – Audition tapes for The Office. Oh my goodness these were AMAZING to watch! It was fun to see the characters before they were cast and see who potentially could have been in the show! So many big name celebrities that were almost in the show.

Three – Emails from Maxie McCoy. I heard about Maxie a while ago, she worked for Levo League and is a frequent guest poster on one of my favorite blogs, and she always had some wonderful insights and things to say. I signed up at her website to get her little bits of wisdom emailed to me every week and it was such a great decision. She sends little blurbs of encouragement, nuggets of wisdom, and just words that are uplifting and brighten my day. You should sign up, too!

Four – PostSecret. Do you guys remember when PostSecret was like, the BIGGEST thing ever? I checked it every single week. The PostSecret guy came and spoke at my school. We had our own version as a program in my residence hall. It was a big deal… and then now it doesn’t seem to be anymore. Or is it? I was just thinking about it yesterday for the first time in years- I even sent in a few of my own back in the day!

Five – Truck Yard. I went here after work two weeks ago with a fun group of coworkers and it was so great!! It was honestly just such a cool place and not a far drive at all (it’s in Lower Greenville). There was a tree house bar where you can actually go up and hang out in a tree house, there was a stage for live music (and a really great singer that night!), there were food trucks pulled up, they had picnic tables all over, and I had the most DELICIOUS cheese steak! Granted, it was my first cheese steak ever, but it was really really delicious.

There you have it, a list of things that have been on my radar lately! And now that that is done… it’s time to start the weekend! Tonight I’m going with some friends to see a tree lighting of some sort… I’m honestly not 100% sure on the details but it sounds festive and fun and so I’m on board! I also really need to finish my Christmas shopping over the next few days- I absolutely hate shopping and going to the mall around the holiday season. So many people. Far away parking. Cranky Kelly. Have a great weekend!



3 thoughts on “Five for Friday #20

  1. Haha! The trailer is hilarious! I also like watching audition tapes to various shows and movies because it is interesting to see who was a part of it. The Truck Yard looks amazing! Reminds me of a place I went to when I was in Colombia:)

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