A Holly Jolly Playlist

Hello and happy Monday! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is ALMOST HERE?!? I am so excited- just a few more days of work and then I’ll be flying up to Tulsa to spend the long holiday weekend with my parents, my sister, and her family. Family! Food! Fun! I think I’m going to take the train to the airport straight from the office (I haven’t done that before so it should be interesting!)

I started to decorate my apartment for Christmas this past weekend (I know, a week early that the traditional start of decorating, but I’m going out of town and all, so I wanted to get an early start.) I don’t have it completely done yet, but I’m off to a good start!

I made a super fun holly jolly playlist to listen to while I was decorating and I must say, it is a pretty good one! I wanted to share it on here so you can listen to it, too, while decorating, while at the office, while driving to see family- whenever!

Also, how amazing are these towels?!?! I Might have a slight (but really way more than slight and bordering on unhealthy) obsession with llamas and alpacas, and when I saw these towels I just HAD to have them for my kitchen! They are seriously my favorite!!!





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