20 Blog Post Ideas (To Get You Out of a Rut)

With the new year being 13 days underway, I bet that some of you out there wanted to BLOG MORE! as one of our resolutions. That’s great- that was one of mine, too! But uh oh… what on earth are we supposed to write about?!? I came up with 20 more blog post ideas to get you through your rut!

rut posts

chronicle something new you tried (like whole30 or p90x or a baking class!)

share your favorite Instagram accounts

share what you bring in your carry-on when travelling

share the essentials you keep in your purse

share and old (maybe hilarious?!?) pic and the story behind it

list some of your favorite posts from other blogs you read

is your favorite store having a huge sale? show your favorite picks!

post a video of you telling a story, showing something off, or just saying hi!

talk about a problem you’re having (silly or serious)

brainstorm ways to solve your problem

share a collection of your favorite tech backgrounds

try some crazy nail art and show it off!

do some random acts of kindness and tell how it made you feel

host a contest or giveaway

start a weekly linkup that other bloggers can join in on

interview someone (a friend, blogger, interesting person in town, etc.)

host a q&a session with your readers to answer their questions

post a poll to your readers (about possible blog topics? what outfit you should wear on a date? anything!)

show how you’ve decorated your house for a holiday (like Halloween or Christmas)

share ways that you try to save money

I’ve only used a few of these myself, so now I have a lot of posts I can write, too! Keep on writing!

rut posts pin


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