Chocolate Cake and Bailey’s Cream Cheese Frosting (Yum!)

One of my very favorite things to do is bake. (I’m pretty sure that is a surprise to nobody.) Even better is when I get to bake for other people! I got to bake a birthday cake for a friend this past weekend and y’all- I had the HARDEST time picking out what I wanted to make! I knew what I would want, but what to make for someone else?!? My friend said that he didn’t care and would like anything… but he REALLY enjoys cream cheese frosting. So I let that be my jumping off point!

I found THIS RECIPE for Bailey’s Cream Cheese Frosting and I knew that I had to make it. It just sounded way too delicious. I didn’t want to make the cake that came along with that recipe, so I made THIS RECIPE for chocolate cake instead. The results were DELICIOUS!


I love that the cake has chocolate chips IN it, so I definitely wanted to put some on top, too. It was so hard not to eat the entire cake before I took it to the birthday party later that night. Everyone said they enjoyed it (and I’ve been enjoying the leftovers…) and the cake looked even better with fun candles on top!



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