Leaning Shelf Styling

One of my favorite things I’ve ever purchased is my leaning shelf. I just love it! It’s the perfect size, it doesn’t lean out too far, and the shelves are just the right size. I had the perfect spot for it in my apartment in St. Louis (I bought it when I lived there, so I knew it would work in my space) but when I moved to my teeny tiny apartment in Dallas, I wasn’t sure where to put it…

When all my furniture was unloaded from the moving van, I had the guys just put the shelf against a wall in my bedroom “just for now.” It was not a great spot for it, it was kind of in the way, but I just needed it to be somewhere “for now” while I unpacked. Well, you guessed it, the leaning shelf stayed in that inconvenient spot for OVER A YEAR. And it just had random books on all the shelves. It was not great.

One day while walking to the bathroom, I knocked my shin on the corner of the bottom shelf and I had HAD IT! The shelf needed to move NOW! So I scooted over my dining room table a foot, took all the books off the shelves, and moved it into my dining room. And you know what, I loved it there! (And was kind of mad I hadn’t moved it there sooner!)



Since it was now in a more visible spot in my apartment, I thought I should try and decorate it a little bit. I tried (keyword here is TRIED) to make it look great, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! (Again, please excuse the world’s worst apartment lighting. I feel like that is becoming my catchphrase… haha).



The best part? I used only stuff I already had to decorate the leaning shelf! Now that this has been decorated and is in more of an appropriate place, I really feel like my apartment is more “homey.” It’s nice to feel like I actually live here, and it’s not just a place I am temporarily living until I move soon so I don’t really need to try that hard in decorating. You know? Does that make sense? It makes sense in my head… Now just a few more spots to finally decorate and I’ll be done!


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