Ice Cream Sandwiches are Really the Best

I mean… am I right or am I right? There is something about an ice cream sandwich that is just so delicious. They’re even the preferred treat at prison on Arrested Development!


And even better than the ones you get at the store (nothing wrong with those, btw) are ones that you make yourself at home! I had some chocolate chips in my pantry that were dying to get used, so I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies and make ice cream sandwiches last night when I had some friends over for a movie night.

cookie 1

If I had planned ahead, I would have made the ice cream from scratch, too, but I’m totally fine with using Blue Bell aka the best ice cream in the world. I finished making the cookies when everyone got to my place and then we made our treats! And the ice cream melted pretty much IMMEDIATELY after putting the sandwiches together…. but they were still delicious, anyway!

cookie 3

I still have lots of cookies and ice cream left over… I will be having ice cream sandwiches for dessert for a while and I’m looking forward to it very much. In fact, I think I’ll go have another right now!

cookie 2

I found a recipe for peach ice cream that sounds really delicious and easy to make, next time I might try to make that and use it with sugar cookies to make ice cream sandwiches… Any other yummy cookie/ice cream combinations you can think of? Let me know; I’m always on the lookout for a great new dessert to try!


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