Best Concert Ever!

As I’m sure you all know by now, going to concerts is one of the great joys of my life. They’re just so much fun and each one has a different vibe and hearing my favorite songs performed live right in front of me really puts me in such a great mood! While I’ve been to some pretty amazing shows, I think the concert I went to this past Friday night seeing Matt Stell perform was one of the best concert experiences I’ve ever had. You know why? Because it was basically a private show – there were only 8 people in the audience!


I know what you’re thinking- “wow that sounds so sad” and “man, I feel bad for the performer” but it was really ok- he still had a lot of fun. I dragged my friend Karl along to the concert with me (he loves country music and is always up for a random adventure) and we walked into the small venue and were the only ones in there at first! We chatted with Matt for a little bit while he finished tuning his guitar and getting ready for his acoustic set.

About 10 minutes after the concert started, some more people finally showed up. They were people that Matt knew personally, which made him loosen up even more. It was like he was just hanging out with friends for the evening, and you could tell that he was having a lot of fun while playing, chatting with all of us in the audience, and telling funny stories.


Matt played a few of his own songs, a lot of fun covers, and he even played a song that he wrote that might show up on Montgomery Gentry’s new CD! It was called “The Better I Drink” … or something like that… it was super catchy, so keep an eye out for it, though!

I bet you might also be wondering “Hey Kelly- if this guy had such a small concert turnout, how did you even hear about it?!?” That’s a great question! He and I went to college in the same small town and I had gone to see one of his concerts about 4 years ago. Look at us back then- so young!


Since then, I had followed him on Instagram and saw that he would be in Dallas.

He has a beautiful voice with an old school country vibe and some serious guitar skills. If that sounds up your alley at all, you should look him up and listen to a few of his songs! Here are a few of my favorites!



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