Five for Friday #29

Ahh I can’t believe it’s already October! Right now I’m on a mini vacation (yay!) to visit my sister and her fam- I’m ready for a fun weekend playing with my nephews and going to a wedding tomorrow! It should be lots of fun- the older nephew is almost 3 and says the most hilarious things! But before all that fun can begin, here is what’s been on my radar lately.


one // I took this quiz online that is supposed to tell you what Dallas neighborhood you are supposed to live in. Apparently, I’m destined to live in Lower Greenville! I would be totally ok with that!


two // I already have a maroon trench coat, but this one with the navy trim is TO DIE FOR!!! Love!


three // Somebody invite me over, because I’m going to need to make this salted caramel apple pie as soon as possible.


four // It’s the State Fair of Texas, y’all!! I went on opening night and I also got the season pass this year so I can go a whole bunch of times- and I definitely plan on doing so!


five // The pumpkin pie concrete is back at Andy’s and it’s my favorite thing they have. I can’t wait to go get me one!!!


I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and find something fun to do!


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