Five for Friday #32

Friday is just the best!!! I know it’s very early in the morning right now, but I already have such a good day planned out. I have a cookie waiting at my desk, I have a few work projects that should get finished today, I have a baseball game to go to tonight, and I get to bring a birthday balloon to my coworker! I went to a Dollar Tree to find a balloon, and they only had bday balloons in a butterfly shape. Not gunna work for a dude in his late 30s. So I went to a 2nd Dollar Tree, and they only had bday balloons in obnoxious little kid patterns. Not gunna fly. But they directed me to a 3rd Dollar Tree that was supposed to have a bigger selection. So I went there, picked out the perfect balloon, but they didn’t have any helium!! So I had to go BACK to the 2nd store and have them blow it up there. This dude better like his balloon, that’s all I have to say.

I’ve found some fun little things for this Five for Friday – here’s what’s been on my radar:

1 || Missing Richard Simmons. Y’all know I love me a good podcast, and this was a good one! It looks into what happened when Richard Simmons basically disappeared from the world 3 years ago. Why did he stop talking to his friends? Why did he stop teaching his fitness classes? Why doesn’t he see visitors? Is he ok? Is he dead? (He’s not dead.) Is he in his house? Find out! It’s only about 3 hours to listen to the whole thing, so you can knock it out pretty quick.

2 || Beauty and the Beast Time Loop Theory. So this one actually kind of makes sense! Basically it says that the town where Belle lives is in some sort of time loop where life repeats itself every few weeks, but it doesn’t affect Belle or her dad since they moved there after the spell was put on the beast and the castle. So that’s why they think she is strange, but can’t put their finger on why. It’s because she technically doesn’t belong there! And that makes sense why none of the castle inhabitants seemed to have aged since the spell was cast… What do you think?

3 || Llama lamp. This lamp from target is perfection and yes it’s technically from the kid’s section but I love it and it’s amazing and it might just come home with me one of these days.

4 || Millennial Pink. You know the color, here’s why it’s been so popular and is probably here to stay for a while.

5 || Stranger Things Meets Parks & Rec. Did you notice that Steve from Stranger Things kinda looks like Jean-Ralphio from Parks & Rec?!? I definitely did! I’m glad I’m not the only one, and this hilarious video proves that it JUST MIGHT BE TRUE!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding, that makes no sense. But just watch.


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