Take Me Out to the Ballgame

This past weekend I went to not one, but TWO baseball games! For someone who really doesn’t care about sports at all, that was a LOT! Shoot, even for someone who likes sports, two games in one weekend is still a lot!

The first game was the Frisco RoughRiders, which is the minor league team here in town. But really, I went to root for their opponent, the Springfield Cardinals! I went to college in Springfield, and went to quite a few of their games over the years, so it was fun to see them again in another location!

I went with some buddies from work and we had a blast eating ballpark food, laughing it up, and rooting for our respective teams. Thankfully the Cardinals won- hooray!!!

The second game I went to was on Sunday to root for the Texas Rangers down in Arlington. One of my goals for my 101 in 1001 was to see every major sports team in Dallas, so it was fun to cross another one off my list! Again, I was really there for the food… and we had some great food there.

I’m glad that my friend and I went to a game so early in the season, because it would be waaaaaaaaay too hot to go later in the summer. It was already SO HOT on Sunday! We sat in the sun the ENTIRE time, but there was a little breeze which felt wonderful. Thankfully I brought sunscreen (I needed it) and whoops I DIDN’T GET IT RUBBED IN ALL THE WAY AND SPENT THE ENTIRE GAME WITH WHITE SPOTS ON MY FACE! Oh well!

Now that I’ve been to a Rangers game, I only have a few more teams to cross off my list!


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