Wayfair to the Rescue!

I love my new apartment, really, I do! It’s great! But let me be honest… It is shaped kinda funky! It’s not terrible, it’s just forcing me to get more creative! One of the weird spaces is in the living room. Here is a terrible picture to show you what I’m talking about.

The back wall has a fireplace in the middle that kind of sticks out, and then either side of the fireplace is set back like 3 feet. Which would not be terrible, but that entire space up to about 15 inches beyond the fireplace is a raised brick almost platform. It’s an interesting feature, but my TV stand did NOT fit in the little space to the side of the fireplace.

I didn’t know where I was going to put my TV, or what I was going to put it on, but my friend Allison and I scoured the internet to find something cute (and cheap!) and WE FOUND ONE at Wayfair.com!

So cute, right?!? It is the perfect size and my TV looks great sitting on top of it! It was kind of tricky to put together by myself, but I got it done! I’m not really sure how I want to style the shelves just yet, but I LOVE that there are 2 drawers to hide workout stuff and the Nintendo64 and things of that sort that I don’t need to have visible 24/7.

I’m still not really sure what I’m going to do with the other little brick area on the other side of my fireplace, but I’ll figure something out. Maybe I’ll put a chair up there and make it into a cozy reading nook. Or maybe I’ll hang a disco ball and make it a karaoke stage. The options are endless.

This was my first purchase from Wayfair, and I’m so happy about it. I have been browsing their site some more (not that I need anything else, it’s just fun to look!) and they really do have EVERYTHING! Here are some other cute things that have caught my eye!

I would like to curl up and read in this chair.

Love the shape on this headboard.

This rug looks so cozy.

This would get stolen so fast, but cute patio chair!

I feel like I could make this myself… but it’s cute!

I like this simple frame.


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