Recent Reads

Hey there! Happy weekend! And a happy Easter weekend! I’m spending the holiday in Oklahoma with my parents and it should be a fun time! We’ll hang out at the laundromat (their retirement business), I’ll get some work done, we’ll go to church, and we’ll have a nice Easter meal. I volunteered to make the dessert this year, and I’m pretty excited about it! I’ll share what I made later!

After my little blog break, I realized that I had a TON of books I had read and never shared, so I started sharing multiple at a time. I think I’m finally all caught up now! So I can stop trying to remember what I thought about books I read a while ago, and actually share fresh thoughts on fresh reads! Oh boy!! Here are 2 that I just finished in the last week.

Brooklyn || I’ll be honest, I only read this one because I wanted to watch the movie and I kind of felt obligated to read the book first. I won’t say that I was disappointed with this one… but I guess I just expected something different? Or something more… exciting? The story was a fine one, I did actually enjoy it, but it seemed like all of the action and drama happened in the last 1/4th and then it resolved extremely quickly. I’ll have to check out the movie now and see if I like it any more. But overall, the story was fine and I’m not mad that I read it.

The Princess Diarist || This one was actually kind of interesting. Carrie Fisher told some stories from getting her iconic role on Star Wars, she shared some things that happened during filming, but I’d say that a good bulk of the book was focusing on her affair with Harrison Ford. Nothing gross and not even that much detail, just how it happened and how it ended and how she felt during it, which since she was 19 years old was pretty insecure. She even shared a lot of the journal she kept while filming the first Star Wars movie. Her writing style for the book is kind of all over the place, and that made for some distracted reading, but overall it was kinda fun!


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