The Best Things I Brought To England

Oh my goodness that was such a fun trip! I just got back from spending a week in England with my family and it was just so wonderful. A 6 hour time difference is no joke and we were all a little bit tired for the entire trip, but we still managed to see a TON of great things and eat some food (England is not known for its food… we know that now…) and enjoy time together.

I plan on doing some more specific posts coming up soon to share what specifically we did and where we went, but for now I wanted to share some of the best things I brought on my trip, what I could have left at home, and what I wish I would have brought.

The Best Things I Brought:

Bobby Pins || Seems like something silly, but I am SO glad that I brought bobby pins with me! I wore my hair down every day, but I pinned the front of my hair back so I wasn’t constantly brushing hair out of my eyes while walking around.

Walking Shoes || I probably would have been fine with booties or flats, but I’m really glad that I brought extremely comfortable walking shoes (specifically, I brought a pair of New Balance casual sneakers). We just did so much walking, and my feet still got a little bit sore, but I know these helped out a lot.

Sleep Mask || Blocking out light was so helpful on the plane. The cabin was pretty dark, but people had their screens on to watch movies and it got pretty bright.

Portable Charger || THIS WAS THE BEST THING I BROUGHT FOR SURE! The one I got off Amazon was seriously so great. It kept all of our devices charged all day, which was essential since we were using our phones to navigate the streets, call up an Uber, sending snapchats, etc.

Hand Sanitizer || This was a no brainer, but I’m also glad I brought it. Traveling is very dirty and disgusting. And we ate a lot. This helped.

Things I Didn’t Need to Bring

Rain Boots || If it would have rained a lot, then these would have been great! But it rained for about 20 minutes of our trip (seriously how did we luck out like that?!?) So I really didn’t need to have these taking up space and weight in my suitcase.

So Many Clothes || We had the opportunity to use a washing machine on our trip (at our Air BnB) so I could have brought half the amount of clothes that I did and just done laundry one night.

So Many Snacks || I definitely overdid it with the snacks. I brought some Cheez-Its, some cashews, some candy for the plane, some peanut butter crackers thinking that I would want snacks and my family would want snacks, too. I ate the candy, 1 pack of cashews, and 1 pack of peanut butter crackers. At least now I have snacks ready to go at home!

What I Should Have Brought

Eye Drops || I probably didn’t actually need to bring these, but my eyes did feel pretty dry and tired and I bet eye drops would have helped.

I feel like I packed pretty well, overall! There really wasn’t a lot that I forgot to pack, but there was obviously quite a lot I didn’t need to bring with me. (But I’d rather have over prepared than forgot all the essentials, right?) I’m really glad that we went, and I’m also really glad that I’m home. I can’t wait to share more about our trip later!


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