Work Wardrobe Inspiration

Everybody loves casual Friday, right? At my office, it’s the best day of the week. You get to wear JEANS and it’s kind of silly because it’s so small, but it really puts a pep in my step! For the month of July, my company decided to do something nice and instead of our usual business casual dress code, we got to wear jeans ALL MONTH LONG!!! I don’t know why, but it seriously made it easier to plan my outfits and get dressed in the morning.

Now that today is the first day of August, that means I must start dressing like a real professional lady once again… but I just don’t really feel like it… I’ve been feeling like I needed some inspiration in the work wardrobe department, so I took to instagram to find some cute outfits to inspire me and make me excited to put on “real” work clothes once again. Get ready for a picture overload!

|| dress pants||

|| skirts ||

Burgundy and gray on the blog today. #didthatjustrhyme.

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|| dresses ||

Stay hydrated 😎@jmclaughlinny

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|| white jeans ||

what a GORGEOUS day πŸ˜ŽπŸ‚β€οΈ

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So many cute outfits, right!! A lot of those dresses I would pair with a cardigan for the office, but I love them just the same. Looking through all of these, a few things have become clear – I apparently REALLY like blue tops with white jeans, I like button down shirts with skirts a lot, and I feel like I need to do some serious SHOPPING!! (Don’t worry, I won’t… too much…) What’s your go-to work wear look like?


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