Back to School for Grown-Ups

Back to school time was always SO EXCITING when I was growing up! Yes it was kind of sad that summer was coming to an end, but there were so many great things to look forward to. Back to school shopping! Picking out the very important first day of school outfit (I still remember the green skirt I wore for the first day of my senior year of high school and I just thought I was the most adorable thing)! Calling your friends to make sure you got the same lunch period! Getting new school supplies!

Even though I haven’t been “back to school” for a few years now, I still get a little rush of excitement whenever August rolls around. I see the supplies and the planners in the aisles of Target and I just want to buy ALL OF IT! (I have banned myself from going to Target this month, btw, so at least I know I won’t be spending all my money there this month.) There are still so many fun things you can get as an adult to refresh your desk at work, and I wanted to share a few of my favorites!

Lily Pulitzer agenda | “get it girl” pencils | mint stapler
coffee mug | desk calendar | notepad
washi tape | phone holder | motivational pens

I didn’t have an agenda at all last year, but I am loving all the designs and covers out for 2018! I might have to break down and buy a small one that I can keep with me in my work bag… And I’m all about the motivational writing utensils! What’s your favorite thing you get when it’s “back to school”?


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