Phone Backgrounds I’m Loving

I’m on my phone a lot. Way more than I care to admit. It’s kind of embarrassing to think about actually, but I always feel like I need to be checking something. Instagram. Snapchat. Email. Group texts. The time. I don’t even have Facebook on my phone anymore, but I do have the Pages Manager app to keep track of a facebook page I run for my parent’s business. So needless to say, I’m looking at that little screen quite a few times during the day. I’m actively trying to look at my phone less (like, I wear a watch EVERY DAY, why do I look at the time on my phone so often?!?!) but it still happens. So I might as well look at something fun in the process, right?

Just like I like to have bright and happy and fun desktop backgrounds on my computer, I also like to have happy and fun and bright backgrounds on my phone, too! And since I don’t have a boyfriend or a pet or children (uhhhh I’m not lonely I promise) I don’t have a default phone background, and I like to change mine out every week or so. Actually it’s every week like clockwork. On Sundays. Just let me be weird about this one, ok?

Here are some of my favorites currently – they’re all waiting in the wings and will be used as a background on my phone soon!

When I’m scrolling around the internet and I find an image that I love and will want to use in the future, I either save the image on my phone or take a screenshot to save it for later. I image all phones are like this, but I have the option to crop images while selecting to use them for a phone background, so they don’t have to be 100% perfect to begin with. I’ve got quite a few waiting to be used!!! I have the cactus picture as my phone background currently – what do you have for your phone’s background?


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