Llama Llove

It’s a well-known fact that I’m a bit (a LOT) obsessed with llamas. They’re just… the best! I’ve loved them for years! Llamas are super trendy right now, which is really fun to have so much llama swag in stores (it’s all amazing!), but I also kind of miss back when llamas were “my thing.” Does that make sense? At all?

Anyway, I get emails from Groupon every now and then – mainly because I keep forgetting to unsubscribe – and I got an email back in the Fall saying something about “Llama Lessons” and I opened it IMMEDIATELY. It was for an hour long llama lesson at a “farm” near Dallas and I signed up so fast!!! A chance to hang with llamas in person?!? Yes, please!!

I convinced a friend to come along with me and we went for our llama lesson! There were about 20 people there, and it was actually really informative! They gave so many fun facts about llamas, and then gave everybody plenty of time to take pictures. Which let’s be honest, is 92% the reason I went.

The black llama was named Barack O’Llama and clearly he is my new best friend. I know he looks indifferent but trust me, the excitement was totally mutual.

The llama lesson was only an hour, but it was plenty of time to enjoy my favorite creatures! I definitely want to go back and take my nephew, but I think we’ll have to wait a while for that. The llamas are just so big and he might get a little nervous around them.

I just had such a fun time at the llama farm and I can’t believe I forgot to post the pictures! If you live in the Dallas area you should definitely go! It’s definitely geared toward kids… but clearly two almost 30-year-old gals went and we had a blast!!



3 thoughts on “Llama Llove

  1. How fun! My daughter loves llamas as well (and like you was on the trend train before it hit Target, but we’re also enjoying the llama-focused items!). There is a llama (alpaca?) farm near us and we always go “see the llamas” on our way to Costco. It’s fun! But smelly. Lol.

  2. I went to this with my husband towards the end of last year and it was absolutely worth it. I agree it’s very informative but it’s also a lot of fun. When we went we weren’t the only adults there without kids lol. Glad you got to check it out as a fellow Llama lover 🙂

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