La Jolla Travel Guide

Back in June, I got to go on a (very last minute) work trip to San Diego and I had THE BEST time! Yes I did get a lot of work done, but I also got to do a LOT of exploring while there! Since my company’s office is up closer to La Jolla, I spent most of my time checking out the sights and eats up in that area. It’s such a fun place with so much to see and do, so I wanted to make a little guide to all the best things to check out if you’re in the area (and a few more things I want to check out on my next visit!)

This is going to be a random assortment of things and places, so bear with me and get excited for the trip to La Jolla you’re inevitably going to plan ASAP!

This tiny cute little sandwich shop was recommended to me by a few people in a facebook group, and it is now my new favorite little place. It’s a genuine hole-in-the-wall eatery and I would have walked right past it if I didn’t know to look for it! I got a delicious sandwich for lunch, had a yummy soda to wash it down, and had THE BEST COOKIE OF MY LIFE. They’re known for their flourless oatmeal cookies and y’all… I don’t even like oatmeal cookies but this were so good. It was crispy and chewy and actual perfection. I am still mad that I didn’t get 48 of them. In fact, when a friend said she was going to be in the San Diego/La Jolla area, I insisted she come here and get more than one!

The Cheese Shop is just a few blocks away from the La Jolla Shores beach so you can grab a little meal and then head off to the sand! One thing to note – this sandwich shop closes in the afternoon, so don’t try and go there for dinner!

This gelato was AMAZING!!! I had the watermelon flavor and it was to die for. It was so fresh and delicious – I definitely wanted to get another scoop! But I didn’t because I technically hadn’t eaten dinner yet and I was still planning on eating a real dinner so I only had one scoop as my pre-dinner dessert snack. And so yes that DID mean that I had dessert before dinner! There’s no rules on vacation, right?!? Bobboi Natural Gelato is just steps off the La Jolla cove – I walked there and it took no time at all.

Seal Rock was so worth finding! It made me so happy to see some seals there in the ocean, and I got to see quite a few little seal pups, too! This area is right by the La Jolla Children’s Pool (an area where a wall was built out in the ocean to make a safer, calmer swimming area for kids) and the seals were coming up on the beach there, too, which the kids seemed to enjoy watching!

If you want a little bit of a nicer dinner with an AMAZING view, you’ve GOT to go to George’s at the Cove! The food was very good but the view was even better! I mean, just look at that sunset!!! So beautiful! There’s a few different levels to this restaurant, and we ate at Level 2. The restaurants were so crowded (duh we were trying to eat dinner at sunset) but even on a Monday night they were shocked we didn’t have a reservation. Which we didn’t. We didn’t have to wait too long because we didn’t need one of the tables right along the edge with the fantastic view, but it would have been cool to sit there. So plan ahead and make a reservation!

And you can see from the second picture there where the restaurant is located from the cove below- I was very impressed with myself that I found it from the other side!

Just like Seal Rock, the cove was a fun little area for me because I got to see even more seals!!! But these ones were up close and personal and LOUD and it was fun to see them scooting along right in front of me! The area was very pretty and it is a nice little area to walk around in!

The Taco Stand was another place that kept getting recommended over and over and over and over (even the girl working the front desk at my hotel raved about it!) so I had to go give it a try. This is where I went on my last night in San Diego and I was not disappointed! My taco was delicious, the guac I got was made perfectly, and the chips were even pretty good, too! But you guys… this place was PACKED. I waited in a looooooooong line for probably 20 minutes just to get in the door. And then once I ordered, it was crazy to try and find somewhere to sit down – inside or outside. After one kind of rude family wouldn’t let me sit next to them (not at their table, just next to them at like a bar area because that chair was holding their 2 purses… ok…) a seat at the little bar up front opened up and I got to sit down to enjoy my meal. So definitely check this place out if you’re in the area, but give yourself plenty of line-waiting time!

And that’s it! That’s my little travel guide of what to see and what to eat if you’re ever in the La Jolla area. I clearly didn’t have too much time to explore and see everything I wanted (silly work getting in the way of my travel dreams!) and so I have a long list of places to go the next time I get out there! It’s pretty much all restaurants now that I’m looking at it… and I’m ok with that. So the next time I go back, I’ll want to visit:

Sugar and Scribe Bakery
Shore Rider
La Sala
Windansea Beach
and more!

I got to do a tiny bit of exploring around the rest of San Diego while I was there for work, so I’m going to share some of my recommendations in my next post!


3 thoughts on “La Jolla Travel Guide

  1. I went to La Jolla in June, and I second a lot of your recommendations! Seeing the seals was so cool and we loved The Taco Stand so much we ate there twice! I’m adding The Cheese Shop and Bobbi to my list for next time.

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