Shorts for Spring

Spring is here, and with that comes all the warm weather! Even though it’s been warm here for a while now… but that’s fine. The warm weather is here to stay and that means that shorts are just around the corner!

I’ve seen people in Dallas wearing shorts for a couple of weeks now, and while I’m not completely ready to let the world see my pasty white stems just yet, I am more than ready to look at ALL the cute shorts and pick out my favorites!

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All of the shorts in my current wardrobe are fine… but they’re all a few years old and getting kind of worn and faded, so I’m definitely in the market to buy a new pair or two. Or three. OR NINE!!!! 🙂 Ok not nine. You’re right, I don’t need to buy nine pairs of shorts when I work inside a freezing office for the majority of my life. I’ll be practical.

But what ones will I choose?!? I’m absolutely in love with with green floral pull-on pair from J.Crew Factory! They just look so comfortable and could easily be dressed up with a blouse or made super casual with a plain t-shirt You can’t go wrong with some classic denim, and the little anchors on the blue pair from Old Navy are too cute! I definitely need to go to the stores and do some trying on, maybe I’ll do that tomorrow after church!


Can We Just Talk About Old Navy for a Second?

Oh, Old Navy… I’ve had such a long relationship with this store. It was THE place to shop in elementary school (I still remember a green tye-dye tank I got from there in 5th grade and thought it was the COOLEST!) and I’ve continued to shop there throughout high school, college, and beyond.

I feel like I’ve always had hit-or-miss years with it, though. One year I will love everything and all the clothes I try on fit perfectly and I want to buy it all… but then the next year nothing seems that cute and looks TERRIBLE on me. Unfortunately, 2016 seemed to be a “miss” year for me. But then I looked online this weekend at their new arrivals, and I’m thinking that 2017 might be a “hit” year!

Everything seriously looks adorable and I can’t wait to go in and try some stuff on!


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I mean, where do I even begin! Those silver driving loafers are way too cute (they come in other, non-metallic colors… but that’s just less fun.) That striped blazer would definitely be in constant rotation at work, I can already see it now; same with the navy dotted dress. The navy field jacket seems like the perfect thing to take on my trip to England, and would go with the majority of my wardrobe.

There were so many other cute things coming in new for the spring, but these were just a few of my favorites. Which one is YOUR favorite?!?


Summer Capsule Wardrobe – Items I’ve Added

Summer is basically here! Hooray! Hooray? Yeah, I’m going to take that hooray back, because I’m not ready for the hot temps and the higher electric bills and the FREEZING in the office and then DYING of heat once I step outside. But, inevitably, the temps are rising and the days are longer and the sun will be shining. (I’m really happy about the sunshine, though, it has been raining SO MUCH here lately and I’m ready for that to stop.)

I have purchased a few new items over the last few weeks and I’m so excited to add them into my summer capsule wardrobe! PLUS everything was on sale, so that is always great!


This black jersey romper from H&M is so comfy and amazing! I feel like I’m wearing pajamas and at only $13, I probably should have bought 7 so I could wear it EVERY DAY!



Super cute sun dress? Check! This pairs great with pretty much any color cardigan and will help me keep cool on a hot summer day! The best part (in my opinion) is that the lining is pretty thick, so you don’t even need to bother with a strapless bra if you don’t feel like it.

How cute is this top?!? The colors are so perfect and springy and the arm holes don’t gape so I can wear this to work without a cardi over it. (But let’s be honest, I work in an ice box so there will ALWAYS be a cardi over it.)


Pom-poms for the win!!! I can already see myself wearing this every single weekend. Freal.

This little cross-body bag is perfect! It’s not big (at all) but it holds the necessities and is nice and light for the summer.

I have already worn these sandals SO MUCH and I love them! They seriously go with everything and I want to wear them all the time and you know what… I think I will!

Most of the rest of my capsule is the same- same work clothes, same shorts as last year, same heels from spring. I do need to go out and find a new cardigan soon. I was at work on Friday and realized I HAD A HOLE IN MY SLEEVE! I was so sad- it was one of my favorites. RIP, old friend.

Spring Capsule Wardrobe- Items I’ve Added

It’s that time again- time to go through my closet and pick out the 40-ish items that I’ll wear for the next 3 months. (Check out what I picked for my winter capsule and my fall capsule!) Because I’m keeping a LOT of the same items as the last two, I decided not to make a big graphic this time. I’ll just show you the items that I’m adding for the spring! I’m replacing a lot of items that were old or falling apart, but I also got some new items that I really love and can’t wait to wear all the time!



This grey cardigan from Gap Factory is my new favorite thing- it is so comfy and cozy! I also got one in black!

This top is the PERFECT color for spring! It is so light and happy and I love that this top doesn’t have a collar. It is a smidge see-through, but that’s what a nude cami is for! This is currently on sale at J.Crew Factory.

I found this gem on clearance at Anthropologie and it is amazing. I had seen it on their website for a while but didn’t want to pay full price for it… I got a great deal- AND it was the last one left in the store!

I love these shoes! My old black flats were disgusting and falling apart and they were really bad. I has having trouble finding a pair that liked, but DSW to the rescue!

Hello, new favorite work pants! I got these at Loft and I love that they are like a dressy denim. They are at some magical length where I can wear them with flats AND heels.

I can’t wait to wear all of these items ALL the time over the next 3 months! I also added a pair of shorts into the mix, because let’s be honest, it will be shorts weather all the time in a few weeks. I’m excited for the warm weather, but I also am not ready to wear shorts all the time.


Winter Capsule Wardrobe

I can’t believe that winter is here!! It finally feels like it in Dallas. Cold. Windy. Rainy. Boo. I think I finally need to cave and turn on my heat (wearing 2 pairs of socks and 2 sweatshirts while sitting under a blanket might be a bit excessive…)

I went through my closet and decided what I’ll be wearing for the next round of my capsule wardrobe- and shock, a LOT of it carried over from my fall capsule wardrobe. I’m ok with that, though! There is still so many different combinations that I can/have been making, so I’m not tired of these clothes just yet.

I did switch out a couple of pieces for more cold-weather options and I can’t wait to get all bundled up over the next 3 months! Again note- I did not include a few items, like winter coats, scarves, running shoes, and accessories. I have been paring down on those, but I didn’t want them to take the place of a sweater. I really love my cardigans…

winter capsule wardrobe

Are you going to join me in paring down your wardrobe and committing to wear a simplified wardrobe for the next 3 months? It can be a really fun experiment and can really help you figure out what clothing pieces you actually love to wear, and which ones are hanging in your closet just because they were on sale or because they fit ok or because they were your clothes in college and you’re hoping to be able to wear them again someday. (That is fine! I still have lots of clothes like that- they’re just in 2 tubs hanging out in the top of my closet!)

Let me know if you guys are going to try this with me! Welcome to winter!