Five for Friday #38

I know that Friday juuuuuuuuuuuuuust started, but I’m already SO ready for the weekend! I’ve got my to do list made, and it is FULL. My main priority for the weekend is to decorate for HALLOWEEN! I’m hosting a scary movie night (not too scary tho… I’m a wimp when it comes to scary movies!) next weekend, but I want to get everything set up and ready as early as possible. I’ve been scouring the web this week for some good Halloween decorations, but I also found a few other fun things I wanted to share!

one || If you follow/like Warby Parker on Facebook than you’ve probably seen these already, but they have a mini web series called Oddcupations and they are hilarious! This seems like such a fun company to work for, and the employees clearly love their jobs!

two || Surprise, surprise, I found another podcast for you to check out. I JUST found out about this one, myself! Levar Burton Reads is pretty much what you’re thinking – Levar Burton reads you stories. It will take you back to the Reading Rainbow days of your past and you’ll thank me for it!

three || A good friend recently asked me if I had heard of Girl Defined ministries, and my answer was “ummmm nope never heard of them!” She said she had just found them herself, and was going through the videos and really enjoyed them so far. So I hopped online and looked them up. Girl Defined ministries comes from 2 adorable sisters, Kristen and Bethany. They have a book, a blog, and post short, inspirational videos once a week geared toward young, Christian ladies. (I’m slightly older than their target demographic, but that’s totally ok!) I’ve gone through a few of them and like what I saw so far – I’m excited to make my way through the rest of the videos!

four || SUPERMARKET SWEEP IS COMING BACK TO TV!!!!!!!!!! This is not a drill! The best TV show that you’re still not sure why you watched so enthusiastically from your childhood is coming BACK!!! Get excited, and start memorizing what grocery items are worth the most money immediately. (The giant ham, obviously.)

five || I love getting little glimpses into people’s lives, and this little article showing what Martha Stewart can’t travel without was the perfect little thing to read. I feel like I know this very famous stranger so much better now… haha. Martha Stewart travels with food? I travel with food! Granted, her food is homemade salmon and hard boiled eggs and mine is baggies of CheezIts…. but close enough.


Five for Friday #37

Happy Friday, Friends!! How has your week been? I got to see my dad this week, so mine was automatically great! He came down to Dallas to meet my brand new niece for the first time, and it was fun to see him and show him my new apartment. My mom is coming back down to Dallas in a few days, too, and I’m looking forward to seeing her again!

There are a lot of great things swirling around the internet right now – here’s what’s been on my radar.

One || Everybody knows about dry shampoo (and how it literally saves the day over and over and over) but did you know that DRY CONDITIONER was a thing?!?!? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Am I just super late to the party here? Most of the ones I’ve found online seem pretty pricey, but here is an affordable-ish one. I think it’s worth a try!

Two || This flamingo print is so bright and happy and fun and I just absolutely love it.

Three || Wonders of Wildlife is FINALLY OPEN!!!!!!! The “world’s largest wildlife attraction” is in my college town and they started constructing it while I was in college. Almost 10 years ago. I never thought it would get finished! It looks amazing and I can’t wait to go check it out eventually!

Four || These sisters started making bath bombs and turned it into a successful business! I love seeing young people putting their minds to something and turning it into something BIG! You go, girls!

Five || Carly over at The College Prepster (she is 28 now, so don’t let the blog title scare you away, she is my favorite!!!) shared how she blow dries her hair and it was really informative to actually watch. I’m so bad at drying my hair (if I do it at all) and I can never recreate the blowouts I get after a haircut, but she made it seem doable.

Ok folks, that’s all I’ve got for now! I’ve got a TON of crafting to do this weekend (nope I’m still not done with my niece’s baby blanket…. ahhh!!!) AND I’m going to take a macaron baking class tomorrow!! I’ve wanted to do this for YEARS and decided to just do it – I can’t wait! Hopefully they turn out well!!

Five for Friday #36

Wow what a week it’s been! There’s been a lot going on – I had some great workouts which I’ll talk about in a little bit, I got a flat tire which was an adventure (shout out to the nicest cab driver in Updown Dallas who changed my tire for me and wouldn’t even let me get him a bottle of water from the coffee shop even though I asked him about 18 times if I could get him something), I had a delicious dinner with a friend to celebrate life and friendship and summer and fun (we went to a super fancy steakhouse in town while they had cheaper preset menus to benefit a local charity and oh my goodness it was so tasty), and a few other exciting family things that I will share later!

Here’s what’s been on my radar this week!

One || Les Mills On Demand. I used to take Les Mills fitness classes at the gym I went to in college and I LOVED them. They were so intense and fun and filled with variety, and I felt so accomplished when I finished one. I just found out you can do them on demand aka in the comfort of my apartment and I am so excited about it! I signed up for the free trial and I forgot just how crazy these classes are – I am SO SORE!!!

Two || The trick for getting your side braid to stay in place. This was a GAME CHANGER, Y’ALL!! I do these big side dutch braids a lot, but I always had to do them with a low bun because I couldn’t seem to get the braid to stay with bobby pins alone. And it’s so simple, too!!

Three || The world’s best cookie jar. Look at it! It’s a LLAMA!!!! I have no idea where my llama obsession started but it is going STRONG and I have been exercising all of my self control by not running to World Market to buy this asap! (I already have a cookie jar that I like a lot so I don’t need this… but it’s just so adorable!)

Four ||  This watermelon sleep mask. I have way too many face masks and night masks that I need to use up first, but doesn’t this one just look like it would be a dream?!? It sounds like it would be really refreshing!

Five || The Middle. I’ve been going back and re-watching episodes of The Middle and I forgot jut how HILARIOUS it is! I am laughing out loud every night and I love it. (I even wrote a post about how one of the characters, Sue Heck, is my hero a while ago!!)

And there you have it! Have a great weekend!


Five for Friday #35

Hello and happy Friday! I am happy to announce that the busiest summer ever is now (hopefully) officially over! Let’s recap – over the last 3 months, I’ve traveled to England, visited my sister in Houston, attended a conference in Las Vegas, threw a bachelorette party in Las Vegas, relaxed on a girls lake weekend in Branson, hosted a bridal shower for my bestie Jen in St. Louis, and then finally this last weekend I went back to St. Louis for Jen’s wedding (I was so honored to be her maid of honor!!!)! Phew- that’s a lot!

I don’t think I have ANY plans this weekend and I can’t tell you how happy I am about that! I’ll go to church, and I have some chores to do (all the laundry), but other than that I’ll just relax and crochet and watch movies and maybe get around to unpacking my suitcase from last weekend. Maybe.

Here’s what has been on my radar lately…

One || 11 career lessons we can learn from Hamilton. The obsession is still alive and well, y’all.


Three || I get a TON of my book recommendations from TheSkimm. Check out some of their Skimm Reads here, here, here, and here.

Four || I’m a very optimistic person, and this article shows just how important that can be.

Five || If you’ve ever seen a Wes Anderson movie, you know just how visually beautiful they can be. People have been sharing places that belong in Wes Anderson films and they are incredible!

There you have it! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Five for Friday #34

Hello and happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week and you havnen’t melted in the summer heat yet. I almost did a few times, but that might be because I wear a cardigan and pants to work and then still wear the same cardigan and pants when I run my errands after work and when I finally get home, I feel so sweaty and gross. And it really hasn’t been that hot yet, but I know it’s going going to get worse as the summer goes on.

Speaking of summer… Is it just me, or is it just ABSOLUTELY CRAZY that the summer is halfway over already?!? (Yes, I still mentally think of the summer in terms of the school year, and I don’t know if that will ever change). This has without a doubt been the busiest, crazies, quickest few months. Work has been bonkers, I have been to Las Vegas (twice!!) and Branson in the last month, and I have more trips coming up! I’m actually leaving today to go to St. Louis for a friend’s bridal shower. After 13 flights over 3 months, I’ll be really happy to stay home for a while once August comes!

One || 10 ways to spend a perfect night in without Netflix.  I gave up my Netflix subscription a few months ago and honestly, I haven’t really missed it as much as I thought I would. It’s helped me to read more, workout more, and generally get more done!

Two || How to help someone who is grieving. Just show up. This interview with Sheryl Sandberg was really great, and it made me want to read her new book, Option B.

Three || This is so very me. 

Four || I love news articles about people being decent humans.

Five || I got this swimsuit to wear this summer and I LOVE it!! it’s cute and trendy, but covers everything that I want covered, and the keyhole in the front is low enough that there isn’t major cleavage happening. It’s only available online, but it fits true to size.

That’s what’s been on my radar lately! My flight to St. Louis looks like it will be completely full (never what you want) but I have a great book with me so I’m looking forward to my airport/airplane reading time. Have a fantastic weekend!