Five for Friday #47

Hello and happy Friday, friends! I hope you’ve had the best week so far! My week has been nothing but work, work, work, and then some more work. It seems like a bunch of projects have popped up in the last week or so and they all seem to have a deadline of the end of December. And that would normally be fine, but with the holidays coming up, I’ve got vacations planned and other people have time off they need to take, too, and that makes it harder to get work done with everyone out of the office at random times!

But the work will get done, and the holidays will be wonderful, and then it will be a new year and I can’t wait for 2019! This time last year I had a TON of trips planned already, and right now I don’t think I have ANYTHING planned for the next year and that is making me really happy! I love that it means I can be spontaneous and take a trip whenever I want, or I can take my time and plan an epic trip for the summer or fall. I keep seeing cheap flights to Europe… so we’ll see what happens…

one || One of my favorite people to follow on instagram eloped recently and IT WAS STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!! Like, I don’t think I’ve ever really had the desire to just run off and get married… but… if it could look like this… then yeah sign me up! And I LOVE how they surprised their friends and were like “hey guess what we’re getting married and we’re doing it in Europe and YOU’RE COMING WITH US!!!!” So stinking fun!

two || This article on how to read more books nails it. This is what I do and it makes such a difference! I read on my commute. I keep a book in my purse for down moments when I have unexpected spare time. I listen to audiobooks when I’m doing mundane tasks. I just love reading and books!

three || Nothing beats a good chocolate chip cookie. Thanks to Emily and her team for finding the BEST recipe out there!

four || Very much in love with this coffee mug. I don’t actually need more coffee mugs because I’m sure I have 5 too many as it is, but I actually might need this one.

five || Everybody needs to learn a little broadway slang! And it can’t get any better than coming from LMM.

Do you guys have anything fun planned this weekend? My parents are coming into town (hooray!) and we’ll just do a lot of hanging out and I can’t wait! I think we’re going to try and take our family Christmas card picture at some point, and my dad’s birthday is on Sunday so it will be good to celebrate him! Have a good one!


Five for Friday #46

Hello and happy Friday! I’m still trying to get caught up on rest and life from my trip to Boston (I got back a day later than expected because of delayed flights and then came back with the world’s worst cold!) but even though I feel a little bit like my face is dying, I’m also feeling so mentally refreshed from that trip, too! It’s so good to see friends and hug people you don’t get to see very often and catch up IN PERSON instead of on a group text thread. I can’t wait to share pictures of what we did and what we saw and let’s be honest, most importantly what we ate! I might even try to make a little vacation video for my friends and a fun reminder of our trip – if it looks good enough, maybe I’ll even share it here, too!

ONE || TheSkimm has been killing it with their extra content (like their podcast, which I love!), and I love how they teamed up with Katie Couric on this Getting There series. Katie talks to lots of different people about what they do, how they got there, and what they encountered along the way. They’re fascinating and not too long and this was one of my favorites (I love all the old pictures!!) I love when she said that she wanted to hire happy people – you can’t teach people to be happy and isn’t that the truth!

TWO || I looked at this topcoat from J.Crew and I love it, but now it is in EVERY SINGLE AD on every single website I visit. It’s definitely out of my budget, but I keep seeing it and it’s just so pretty!

THREE || Did you know that the Property Brothers have an online store now?!?! I just found out about it a few days ago and I loved looking at ALL the furniture that is way out of my budget but still so pretty!! A lot of the items were not my style.. but I did really like this pillow and these art prints and this chair and this bookshelf.

FOUR || I really want to change up… something… about my bedding situation, but I don’t want to spend a ton of money on new pillows or a new duvet cover. I might have to try making some pillow shams, instead!

FIVE || I found this randomly on Pinterest and it made me die laughing.

I hope you all have a great weekend! I have a friend’s baby shower to go to tomorrow and I can’t wait to see all the fun tiny gifts she gets for her baby girl!!

Five for Friday #45

Happy Friday, friends! I am soaking up the last little bit of calm today before I start a few days of crazy travel! It will be fun, but I have a feeling that this time next week I will be VERY tired. Tomorrow morning my mom and I are going to the airport SUPER EARLY (like 5am and my dad is driving us there so we will be even earlier than necessary, most likely) to fly to Georgia to go to a cousin’s wedding! I don’t get to see this side of the family as often as I’d like (because Georgia) so I’m super excited to see everyone and hug everyone and hopefully have some really good cake. Then on Sunday, my mom will fly back to Dallas and I’ll fly off to Los Angeles! I’m going to California to attend a conference for work and I am SO PUMPED! I suggested this awesome conference that I really wanted to attend kind of jokingly to my boss because I didn’t think we’d actually get to go… but we get to go! I can’t wait to hang out with my coworkers and attend sessions and learn lots of great things! I won’t get home till Thursday evening, so it will be a busy week!

But for now, I just need to get through work, finish packing, and get to sleep early! Oh and share the 5 best things that have been on my radar this week!

ONE || If you know me at all, you know that I am pretty much OBSESSED with all things related to the State Fair of Texas. I look forward to it all year long and love learning as many fun facts and trivia as I can! On their website, they have the history of Big Tex, the mascot of the fair, his stats, and more! It’s pretty neat to learn a little more about this gigantic cowboy – check it out!

TWO || SNL has been coming out with a lot of behind the scenes videos about pictures, hair, sets, etc. and this one about wardrobe is just as fascinating as the others. There’s just so much that goes into this weekly show – so much more than I would have ever thought about!

THREE || Since I’m going to LA for a work conference, I won’t really have much free time to go out and explore… but I will have a few free hours on my first day there and I’m going to try and go to the Griffith Observatory! It was where the Planetarium song was during La La Land, and it is pretty close to where we’re staying, and I can’t wait to check it out! I looked up a list of other filming locations from the movie, and someday I’ll have to go back and find the rest!

FOUR || I really need to do some de-cluttering in my apartment, and so I’ve started watching videos on minimalism. I don’t think I will be able to go full-on with this way of living (because I’m just being realistic with myself here) but there’s so much to think about and I’m going to try an incorporate a few of the things I’ve been learning about.

FIVE || Oh my goodness. This is the best one ever. I just had to share that I got these super cute booties at Old Navy and I don’t know how but they rang up as $1.97! They were the last pair on the shelf and didn’t have a price tag, and somehow I got the world’s biggest bargain and I have been telling as many people as possible about this amazing deal!

Five for Friday #44

Happy Friday, friends!! I hope you’re ready to have the best day, because I am ready to have the best day! And what makes today the best kind of Friday, you ask? Well 1- I took the day off work so not going into the office will be a great change and 2- I’m going on a little mini girls trip this weekend! We’re leaving sometime this morning and heading down to Waco, TX (yes, for the Magnolia pilgrimage) and I’m so excited! I have been to Waco before a few years ago with some friends, and we did go to the Magnolia Silos, but we were there before the restaurant or the bakery were open, so I’m VERY excited to check out all the new and old things and explore Waco a little more!

I’ve got 5 great things I wanted to share today, so let’s get started!!

ONE || I started drinking this Glowing Green Smoothie at the beginning of 2018 and drank it every day for probably a month straight! Then I started traveling and forgot to buy the ingredients and I kind of forgot about it… until recently! I started drinking it again in the mornings and have fallen in love with it once again! It doesn’t taste like a delicious sugary smoothie, but it actually tastes pretty good! I’ve tailored the recipe to just make one serving at a time and that works out really well for me!

TWO || I loved this post from Carly about how social media is kind of at a ‘tipping point’ and I’m all for it. I don’t make much money from blogging and just do it for fun, but I can imagine that doing this FOR YOUR JOB comes with so much pressure to seem perfect from the outside. Some of my favorite people to follow are the ones who are real and share all aspects of life, even if it includes imperfect photos or being real about having a bad day.

THREE || Did anybody buy anything fun in this year’s Lilly Pulitzer after party sale?!? I look at the sale every year, but never really find anything that I just HAVE to have (even if something is on sale, you’re not SAVING money, you’re SPENDING money, right?) But then this year… I found THE PERFECT WORK PANTS! I saw them and immediately fell in love with the pattern (they’re very “me”) and the price was AMAZING. I was debating whether or not to bite the bullet and purchase but then I saw that they were called “the KELLY pant” and ummm yeah, you better believe I got them! They’re definitely more spring-y, but I will be wearing them year-round with pride. They’re no longer available on their website, so now I’m extra glad I snagged them while they were on major sale!

FOUR || I. Love. This. It. Is. So. True.

FIVE || I don’t know if I’ve ever actually made biscuits but ummmmm I REALLY want to make all the biscuits now…

Southern Biscuits

That’s it for today, friends! I can’t wait to share about our Waco weekend – I’m sure I’ll be documenting the whole thing on Instagram stories, so follow along with me at @kellymullican if you want to travel vicariously with us! Have a wonderful weekend!

Five for Friday #43

Hello and happy Friday, friends!!! I’m sitting here trying to plan out my weekend and I’m ready for a lot of productivity, but also a lot of fun. I was CRAZY busy last week/weekend and got basically zero personal things done (and like no cleaning done either) so this weekend will be full of errands, cleaning, and listening to ALL the podcasts while doing those things.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, and I’ve got some good stuff I wanted to share with you today!

ONE || I used this hair mask I got from Target a few weeks ago and it was life changing. I’ve gone back an purchased the full size version because it just worked THAT well. My hair was SO soft after using it in my hotel, and we all know that hotel showers are the worst!

TWO || If you have any goals that you’re working toward in any area of life (so that means every single person), then here are 11 words to remove from your vocabulary this weekend.

THREE || I am officially in love with this sailor knot ring!! And not just because it looks like a soft pretzel in my mind. That’s only like, 62% of it. I’m planning a trip to the east coast this fall and might have to make sure a trip to the KJP store makes it on the to-do list!

FOUR || Have you forgotten how different Facebook used to look? Did you know that Netflix used to have a purple logo?!? Check out this museum of websites – it’s pretty fun looking back at our favorite brands over the years!

FIVE || I’ve been incorporating this Julep Boost Your Radiance Reparative Rosehip Seed Facial Oil (man that’s a mouthful!!) into my daily skincare routine and I am loving it! I will use it on my bare face before my night moisturizer, or sometimes I’ll mix it with Julep’s Restorative Facial Milk and use them together in the morning. Slowly most of my skincare products are becoming Julep and I’m not mad about it – this stuff is all wonderful and I highly recommend all of it!

Well that’s it for me today – I’m off to go take a walk around the neighborhood! I’ve been trying to listen to all of the Harry Potter audiobooks but I’ve been letting myself listen ONLY while I walk, so it’s been a good motivator to get myself outside (even though it’s so hot!!) Have a great weekend!!