Five for Friday #35

Hello and happy Friday! I am happy to announce that the busiest summer ever is now (hopefully) officially over! Let’s recap – over the last 3 months, I’ve traveled to England, visited my sister in Houston, attended a conference in Las Vegas, threw a bachelorette party in Las Vegas, relaxed on a girls lake weekend in Branson, hosted a bridal shower for my bestie Jen in St. Louis, and then finally this last weekend I went back to St. Louis for Jen’s wedding (I was so honored to be her maid of honor!!!)! Phew- that’s a lot!

I don’t think I have ANY plans this weekend and I can’t tell you how happy I am about that! I’ll go to church, and I have some chores to do (all the laundry), but other than that I’ll just relax and crochet and watch movies and maybe get around to unpacking my suitcase from last weekend. Maybe.

Here’s what has been on my radar lately…

One || 11 career lessons we can learn from Hamilton. The obsession is still alive and well, y’all.


Three || I get a TON of my book recommendations from TheSkimm. Check out some of their Skimm Reads here, here, here, and here.

Four || I’m a very optimistic person, and this article shows just how important that can be.

Five || If you’ve ever seen a Wes Anderson movie, you know just how visually beautiful they can be. People have been sharing places that belong in Wes Anderson films and they are incredible!

There you have it! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Five for Friday #34

Hello and happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week and you havnen’t melted in the summer heat yet. I almost did a few times, but that might be because I wear a cardigan and pants to work and then still wear the same cardigan and pants when I run my errands after work and when I finally get home, I feel so sweaty and gross. And it really hasn’t been that hot yet, but I know it’s going going to get worse as the summer goes on.

Speaking of summer… Is it just me, or is it just ABSOLUTELY CRAZY that the summer is halfway over already?!? (Yes, I still mentally think of the summer in terms of the school year, and I don’t know if that will ever change). This has without a doubt been the busiest, crazies, quickest few months. Work has been bonkers, I have been to Las Vegas (twice!!) and Branson in the last month, and I have more trips coming up! I’m actually leaving today to go to St. Louis for a friend’s bridal shower. After 13 flights over 3 months, I’ll be really happy to stay home for a while once August comes!

One || 10 ways to spend a perfect night in without Netflix.  I gave up my Netflix subscription a few months ago and honestly, I haven’t really missed it as much as I thought I would. It’s helped me to read more, workout more, and generally get more done!

Two || How to help someone who is grieving. Just show up. This interview with Sheryl Sandberg was really great, and it made me want to read her new book, Option B.

Three || This is so very me. 

Four || I love news articles about people being decent humans.

Five || I got this swimsuit to wear this summer and I LOVE it!! it’s cute and trendy, but covers everything that I want covered, and the keyhole in the front is low enough that there isn’t major cleavage happening. It’s only available online, but it fits true to size.

That’s what’s been on my radar lately! My flight to St. Louis looks like it will be completely full (never what you want) but I have a great book with me so I’m looking forward to my airport/airplane reading time. Have a fantastic weekend!

Five for Friday #33

Hello and happy Friday! I’m especially excited for this particular Friday because later today I’M FLYING TO ENGLAND!!!!! I’m going with my mom, dad, sister, and brother-in-law and I could not be more excited! We’ve been planning this trip since last November, and I honestly can’t believe that it’s finally here! We’ll be there for a week doing some sight-seeing, visiting our old houses and stomping grounds, and eating fish and chips. I don’t even like fish, but I’m looking forward to having some genuine fish and chips!

I’ve already written a few posts and have them scheduled to go live while I’m gone, but for now, here is what has been on my radar lately!

One || I am absolutely in love with these earrings from J.Crew! They’re so weird, but also so fun!

Two || Here is a great post from the conference that I went to a few weeks ago with lots of bible study resources.

Three || I’ve been craving a yummy black and white cookie ever since a coworker told me about their recent trip to NYC. I want to try out this recipe and see if it holds up!

Four || I am OBSESSING over the color scheme I’m using to make a baby blanket for my sister. It’s my absolute favorite!!!!

Five || I don’t think I’ve ever wished I lived in LA, but right now I wish that I lived in LA just so I could go to the Museum of Ice Cream. It just looks like my kind of place!!!

Have a great weekend!

Five for Friday #31

Hello and happy Friday!!! And happy February! How has your 2017 been so far? Mine has been pretty fantastic! I completed another Whole30 (more on that later) earlier this week so I’m already feeling very accomplished for the year so far, you know, 1/12 of the way into the year.

I’ve been finding so many fun things over the last few weeks, and I’ve been dying to share them all with you!!


1- These funfetti cinnamon rolls look so fun and delicious! I’m trying to eat healthier now, but… I might just have to make these for a special occasion (and make sure I have a few friends available to help me eat them!!)

2- I got this cookbook recently (thanks to an Amazon gift card I got for Christmas) and I LOVE IT!!! I’ve already made 7 or 8 recipes from it and man are they delicious! Most of the recipes in the book are also on her blog– check it out!

3- I am loving the color of these workout leggings! (Although I wouldn’t be able to spend that much on WORKOUT PANTS! No!)

4- Since Gilmore Girls has finished, the dudes behind the Gilmore Guys podcast have begun going through another show by Amy Sherman Palladino – Bunheads! They are unofficially calling themselves “Bunhead Bros” and they’re still hilarious. Bunheads only has 18 episodes, so this will be a short run. Like always, you can listen to them on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and probably most other podcast streaming options.

5- Have you seen La La Land yet?!?! NO? Go see it right now!!! If you have – did you love it as much as I did?! I don’t want to give away too much, but I loved the singing, I loved the dancing, I loved the story, and I loved the way it ended. My friend Kate did not love the way it ended. What did you think about it?

So that’s what I’ve got for this week! I hope that you all have a fun weekend ahead – I’m going to see the movie Hidden Figures with a friend tomorrow (I got a free ticket AND a free bowl of popcorn!! Oh yeah!!) and then there’s the Super Bowl on Sunday! Since I don’t have television at my place I’m going to watch the game at a friend’s house (aka I invited myself over) and it should be fun!

Have a happy weekend!


Five for Friday #30

Hello and happy Friday! Here we are in December already and it’s time for more of my favorite things.


1 – Speaking of my favorite things… this rendition from Leslie Odom Jr. (he plays Aaron Burr in Hamilton!!!!!!!!) is amazing and I listened to it about 19 times at work the day it came out. His entire Christmas cd is incredible, and you should give it a listen.

2 – I made a pie entirely from scratch for the first time (it was delicious!) and I tried to make a lattice crust on top. Mine didn’t look nearly as good, but here’s an easy way to do it.


3 – GILMORE GIRLS GILMORE GIRLS GILMORE GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you watched A Year In The Life yet?!?!?!? I watched it all in 1 day (it’s 6 hours so totally doable for a weekend… I just couldn’t wait to finish it!) and I LOVED IT!!! I made notes while I watched, so I’ll post those later I’m sure… but ugh it made my heart so happy to have the gang back together!


4 – This is the best popcorn ever. I’m obsessed. And it’s always sold out, so I guess the secret is out. Try it. Trust me.


5 – I stumbled across this movie on Netflix and watched it on a whim- and I loved it. A simple story, really just 2 characters, and an ending that maybe some people won’t like (it’s an indie movie, so watch accordingly) but I really did. AND the couple in the movie is married in real life, so that made me smile!


I’m glad the weekend is finally almost here! I am going to a birthday dinner for a friend, I’m going to finish decorating for Christmas, and yeah, I might just re-watch Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life (or have it on in the background.) I want to get my tree up ASAP so I can put all my gifts underneath! I finished Christmas shopping this week and now I just need to wrap everything and put it all under the tree until the 25th!