Five for Friday #50

Hello and happy Friday!! I normally only do these posts once a month, but there were just SO many things I’ve found and loved lately, I had to do another right away!!

one || If you’re not already following Brighton Keller’s blog, then go do so immediately because you’re missing out. She’s a Dallas fashion blogger, but she has been consciously moving toward writing about bigger, “more important” things (like self-improvement, organization, faith, etc.) and I’m here for it. I loved one of her recent posts about what to do when it seems like prayer isn’t working and it’s filled with good reminders!

two || Hi I have found the most beautiful spring top and it is the best color and just looks like it would be so flattering and I maybe ordered it and it will be arriving tomorrow and I hope it’s as lovely in person as it is online!

three || I might have mentioned this before, but it’s worth sharing again! One of my favorite podcasters (who wrote this book called The Wondering Years that I really liked!) has an email newsletter that gets sent out once a week? Once a month? I can’t remember. But it goes over things happening in pop culture, shows new movies coming out, includes a picture of a CUTE DOG every time, and it’s just great. I generally think it’s pretty annoying when people send out email newsletters and I never sign up for them, but THIS ONE is amazing and I read it every single time it shows up in my inbox and you should sign up for it, too!

four || Ummmm are you all as excited as I am for the Vineyard Vines collection at Target coming out in May?!? I can’t wait to see what they have and I hope it doesn’t sell out as fast as the Lilly Pulitzer collab did!

five || I didn’t think the perfect loafers existed, but then I found these bad boys and now I’m a little bit obsessed with them.

I’m so happy that the weekend is almost here! I am FINALLY getting to hang out with one of my favorite people tomorrow (hey, Arie!) and we’re going to see a short performance at the symphony! We’re both so busy and keep missing each other, so I’m really pumped for some good friend time and catching up!

Have a great weekend!


Five for Friday #49

Hello and happy Friday, friends! I hope that you’re as excited for the end of the week as I am! Who am I kidding – of COURSE you are! This was a slower week for me which I am very thankful for, and I have a few fun things planned for the weekend, which I’m excited for! Since it was a slower week, I’ve done a lot of cleaning and a lot of crocheting which has been great. I am making a baby blanket for my sister’s newest baby (due in May!) and I, as usual, am very far behind in the process. Having a few nights to just sit down and relax and focus on crafting has been just what I needed.

Here are some of the fun things that have caught my attention recently!

one || The entire world is obsessed with the KonMari method of cleaning out their closets and their homes and I just need to make sure that Gilmore Girls was all over this trend years ago.

Great. Now that you know that very important fact, here’s a great guide to STARTING the de-cluttering process a la Marie Kondo.

two || Love this post about being single in your 30s. It was honest and hopeful and worded really well as another single person in my 30s.

three || This poster of A Pop Culture Guide to Proofreading Marks is hilarious.

four || A sweet coworker gave me these amazing earrings and they’re definitely my new favorites. I’ve been obsessing over tortoise shell jewelry recently and so you know I was excited when I got these!

five || One of my favorite artists has a new flower collection and to promote it, she came up with an adorable spring “flower-scope.”

Five for Friday #48

Hello and happy Friday, friends! I’m so excited for this weekend because not only do I have a lot of fun things planned, but it’s by BIRTHDAY on Sunday!! And yes, I do have to work at a company user conference that starts Sunday afternoon, but I’ll still get to do lots of celebrating! As for the rest of the weekend, I have a ton on my plate. I’m getting a much needed haircut this evening, doing Zumba tomorrow morning (I’ve been going to Zumba a lot lately and I’m a little bit obsessed!), seeing the musical Anastasia tomorrow afternoon, and then going to church on Sunday before packing up and heading to the hotel for the conference! We have a bit of set up time before everything officially kicks off, and I plan on bringing in some birthday treats to share with my team as we get everything ready.

one || I am officialy obsessed with this J.Crew Factory skirt. I have multiple sidewalk skirts, but this one is SCALLOPED!!! Perfection! I’m trying to do as little shopping as possible this year but I can guarantee that this will be mine the second it goes on sale.

two || This movie looks like it will be really good! I don’t usually see movies in the theater (mainly because it’s so expensive now but also because people at the movie theater are generally pretty annoying), but I might end up seeing this one.

three || I mentioned that I’m getting my haircut this evening, and these popular 2019 hairstyles are giving me all sorts of inspiration! I have always been a fan of long layers…

four || Proud deatheater over here. You can’t just watch the movies and then have complaints about the story because most of those complaints are addressed in the books ok just read them! Or listen to them on Audible (which I’m currently doing right now!)

five || I’m not generally a HUGE lemon fan, but this Starbucks copycat lemon loaf is making my mouth water! It might be the icing. That icing looks REAL good. I’m almost done with my Whole30 stint (more on that next week!) and I might have to make this as a little post-birthday treat to bring into work!

That’s all for me – I hope you all have a great weekend and have a little birthday treat for me!

Five for Friday #47

Hello and happy Friday, friends! I hope you’ve had the best week so far! My week has been nothing but work, work, work, and then some more work. It seems like a bunch of projects have popped up in the last week or so and they all seem to have a deadline of the end of December. And that would normally be fine, but with the holidays coming up, I’ve got vacations planned and other people have time off they need to take, too, and that makes it harder to get work done with everyone out of the office at random times!

But the work will get done, and the holidays will be wonderful, and then it will be a new year and I can’t wait for 2019! This time last year I had a TON of trips planned already, and right now I don’t think I have ANYTHING planned for the next year and that is making me really happy! I love that it means I can be spontaneous and take a trip whenever I want, or I can take my time and plan an epic trip for the summer or fall. I keep seeing cheap flights to Europe… so we’ll see what happens…

one || One of my favorite people to follow on instagram eloped recently and IT WAS STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!! Like, I don’t think I’ve ever really had the desire to just run off and get married… but… if it could look like this… then yeah sign me up! And I LOVE how they surprised their friends and were like “hey guess what we’re getting married and we’re doing it in Europe and YOU’RE COMING WITH US!!!!” So stinking fun!

two || This article on how to read more books nails it. This is what I do and it makes such a difference! I read on my commute. I keep a book in my purse for down moments when I have unexpected spare time. I listen to audiobooks when I’m doing mundane tasks. I just love reading and books!

three || Nothing beats a good chocolate chip cookie. Thanks to Emily and her team for finding the BEST recipe out there!

four || Very much in love with this coffee mug. I don’t actually need more coffee mugs because I’m sure I have 5 too many as it is, but I actually might need this one.

five || Everybody needs to learn a little broadway slang! And it can’t get any better than coming from LMM.

Do you guys have anything fun planned this weekend? My parents are coming into town (hooray!) and we’ll just do a lot of hanging out and I can’t wait! I think we’re going to try and take our family Christmas card picture at some point, and my dad’s birthday is on Sunday so it will be good to celebrate him! Have a good one!

Five for Friday #46

Hello and happy Friday! I’m still trying to get caught up on rest and life from my trip to Boston (I got back a day later than expected because of delayed flights and then came back with the world’s worst cold!) but even though I feel a little bit like my face is dying, I’m also feeling so mentally refreshed from that trip, too! It’s so good to see friends and hug people you don’t get to see very often and catch up IN PERSON instead of on a group text thread. I can’t wait to share pictures of what we did and what we saw and let’s be honest, most importantly what we ate! I might even try to make a little vacation video for my friends and a fun reminder of our trip – if it looks good enough, maybe I’ll even share it here, too!

ONE || TheSkimm has been killing it with their extra content (like their podcast, which I love!), and I love how they teamed up with Katie Couric on this Getting There series. Katie talks to lots of different people about what they do, how they got there, and what they encountered along the way. They’re fascinating and not too long and this was one of my favorites (I love all the old pictures!!) I love when she said that she wanted to hire happy people – you can’t teach people to be happy and isn’t that the truth!

TWO || I looked at this topcoat from J.Crew and I love it, but now it is in EVERY SINGLE AD on every single website I visit. It’s definitely out of my budget, but I keep seeing it and it’s just so pretty!

THREE || Did you know that the Property Brothers have an online store now?!?! I just found out about it a few days ago and I loved looking at ALL the furniture that is way out of my budget but still so pretty!! A lot of the items were not my style.. but I did really like this pillow and these art prints and this chair and this bookshelf.

FOUR || I really want to change up… something… about my bedding situation, but I don’t want to spend a ton of money on new pillows or a new duvet cover. I might have to try making some pillow shams, instead!

FIVE || I found this randomly on Pinterest and it made me die laughing.

I hope you all have a great weekend! I have a friend’s baby shower to go to tomorrow and I can’t wait to see all the fun tiny gifts she gets for her baby girl!!