More Podcasts I’m Loving!

Happy weekend to you! Hopefully when this gets posted I will be sleeping soundly, because I will have just gotten back from my big trip to England about, oh… 7 hours ago. I haven’t been in a jet lag situation since I was 6, so I’m honestly not sure what I’m going to feel like. But I’m just glad that we booked the trip so that we got home late Friday night and then have an entire weekend to recuperate and get back on schedule for the next week. Hopefully my sleep schedule isn’t too crazy this weekend!

One thing I did before I left for England last week was to download a few episodes of my favorite podcasts to listen to. (I use the Stitcher app for my Android phone – I highly recommend it!!) I love love love me some podcasts, and wanted to have a few options to listen to in case I got tired of reading on the plane. I’ve listened to a LOT of different ones over the years, and I’ve found a few that I hate, a few that I tolerate, and a few that I absolutely love. I’ve listened to a few new ones recently and wanted to share the ones I have been enjoying! Let me know if you’ve listened to any of these before or if you have a favorite I should check out!

8 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

Isn’t Instagram just the best? By far, it’s my favorite form of social media. You can post fun pictures, you can find endless inspiration, and you can’t get invited by some girl you knew in high school to join her online shopping party for whatever ridiculous company she “works” for. Shouts to all the working mommas making money for your family, but no, I don’t want to buy makeup/supplements/wraps/leggings/eyelash serum/candles/jewelry from you. (Unless I actually know and like you in real life. I will happily buy stuff from you, because again, I know and like you IN REAL LIFE and you will probably ask me if I want to buy things in a real life way, not over a Facebook message where you spell my name incorrectly. Yes that recently happened. You’re sending me a message, my name is right there…) End rant.

Back to Instagram! It’s such a great way to keep tabs on all your friends and family members that you don’t see all the time, and it’s equally as great to follow strangers (like bloggers you like, nothing creepy… I realize that sounded kinda creepy…) and celebrities and brands you love. A while ago I wrote a couple of posts about some of my favorite Instagram accounts (read them here and here), but it’s been a while and I wanted to share a few more that I recently started following and absolutely love… and I know you will, too!

One ||  @_booksintheair_  Follow this account if you love to read and you also kind of judge a book by it’s cover.

Two ||  @juniperfoxx  Follow this account if you love cute animals doing cute things.

Three ||  @bymariandrew  Follow this account if you like doodles and drawings that make you giggle, think, or nod your head in agreement.

Four ||  @colormecourtney  Follow this account if you like bright outfits, bright backgrounds, and contagious smiles.

Five ||  @dallaslovelist  Follow this account if you live in Dallas (duh) and want to find new things to eat, see, and do.

Six ||  @overheardnewyork  Follow this account if you wish you lived in NYC and love people watching.

Seven ||  @cakeandconfetti  Follow this account if you like bright pictures that will instantly make your day happier.

Eight ||  @chelsweets  Follow this account if you love to bake or eat sweets (mainly cake).

I’m excited to post pictures on Instagram over the next few months – I have a LOT of fun trips planned, which means a LOT of fun pictures coming your way! I can’t wait!

Newest TV Obsession: The Newsroom

Before you say anything, yes- I know that The Newsroom is an old show and yes I know it’s not even on the air anymore and yes I know I’m a bit behind, but I just started watching it and I am hooked! I don’t have cable and I recently gave up my Netflix, so I’ve been getting movies and TV Shows from the library. This was a show that was at my local branch, and I had heard good things about The Newsroom from friends, so I decided to give it a go.

The Newsroom originally aired on HBO from 2012-2014 and was created by Aaron Sorkin (you probably know him as the creator of The West Wing.) I tried watching The West Wing and DID NOT CARE FOR IT AT ALL, so I was apprehensive about watching another Sorkin show, but I really enjoyed this one a lot! It’s all witty and smart people, but it still seems like real conversations that could actually happen in real life, and not just “oh, ok, they’re reading a smart and witty script” if that makes sense.

First off, they got a great main cast. The people I didn’t already know became new favorites, and then people I did already know were happy surprises! I didn’t know any of the cast before watching, so it was fun to see Olivia Munn and Dev Patel and Emily Mortimer, who upon seeing, I immediately yelled at the TV “Be careful, she has hollow bones!!” in reference to her cameo on 30 Rock.

One of my favorite things about the show is that yes, it’s completely fictional, but they incorporate real events into the show. A lot of the drama comes from getting breaking news stories, such as the BP oil spill, when congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot, when Osama bin Laden was killed, etc. There are definitely very heavy and serious moments to the show, but they do a great job balancing it out with humor and plenty of references to Broadway musicals.

My favorite character by far is the economic reporter, Sloan Sabbith (played by Oliva Munn). She is awkward and sassy and always stands up for herself.

I’m not even finished watching the entire series yet (I only watch one episode a day) but I can’t wait to finish it! I have a friend who is watching the series at the same time (and at the same speed) that I am, and it’s fun to text her my reactions and my predictions and my frustrations. So far during season 1, she got a lot of texts about “DUMB BOYFRIEND DON!!!!!!!!!!!”

Have you watchted The Newsroom? Did you love it, too? What’s a TV show that you’ve been obsessing over lately?

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Movies I’ve Seen Lately

I’ve got a real love/hate relationship with the movie theater. On the one hand, it’s so much fun!!! You get to sit in a giant room and watch something spectacular on a giant screen and it’s so loud and bright and it’s a great way to experience something! But then on the other hand….. it’s just the worst. Mainly people are the worst. People sniffing through the whole movie. People coughing through the whole movie. People talking. People clapping obnoxiously to make sure people know that THEY GET THAT JOKE. People texting. People opening loud candy wrappers. People chewing SO LOUD that somehow it’s louder than the very loud movie. So if I could go to the movie theater and be guaranteed to have the place to myself, that would be awesome.

Another thing that I don’t love about the movie theater is the expense. It’s just so expensive these days. And even though that is the case, I’ve been seeing a LOT of movies at the theater lately! I had thoughts about all of them, of course, and I’ll share while trying to be spoiler-free!

La La Land || I loved this movie so much!!! The opening musical number was definitely my favorite, and I just sat with the BIGGEST smile on my face while it was going on! Some might say that Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone aren’t the strongest singers (I am one of those people) but that didn’t make me enjoy it any less- it made it seem more realistic (and less showy) if that makes any sense. The ending, to me, was amazing and was the cherry on top and yeah yeah yeah I know a lot of people hated the ending but I felt that it was wonderful. I have been listening to the soundtrack a LOT and have been loving the Planetarium song.

Hidden Figures || Another great one!! I knew that this was up for all the awards, but wasn’t sure that I’d like it all that much. But I thought it was so great! The acting was phenomenal and the story was so inspiring – I was rooting so hard for these ladies from my seat! I’m always a sucker for stories based on real life events and people. The best part about this movie, however, was the fact that I got a free movie ticket AND free popcorn. Holler!

The Founder || Sooooooooo this movie is not a happy feel good film. Thankfully I knew that going in (my dad informed me and my mom about the life of Ray Kroc before we went to the theater) but still, not necessarily an upper. It wasn’t a downer either, tho. It was just a good representation of events that happened and how McDonald’s as we know it today got started. The actors did a great job and the sets were awesome, it really felt like we were back in the 50’s! Leaving the theater I thought “man, I don’t know if I’ll go to McDonald’s for a while…” yet I’m pretty sure I went there for a large sweet tea the next day, hah.

Beauty and the Beast || Ahhhhhhhh this one SO LIVED UP TO THE HYPE! I want to go back and see it again ASAP!!!!!! The singing was great, Emma Watson was great, and it followed the cartoon version so well! And it went by SO FAST! The movie is over 2 hours but it seriously felt like we had been sitting there for only 45 minutes. Gaston was delightfully villainous (and so handsome!), there was more depth to the relationship between Belle and her father, and ok I’m going to kind of spoil just ONE tiny teensy little thing. I’m sure you’ve heard all the controversy about the “exclusively gay moment” at the end of Beauty and the Beast and that everyone was freaking out and I’m here to tell you that after it happened, I turned to my friend and we both looked kind of confused and said “uhhh that was it?” Because everyone has talked about it to death, I was obviously aware that was supposed to be some big moment, and yes there was “a moment” but if I was an 8 year old watching this movie, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have realized what was actually “going on.” At all. Granted, I was a pretty naive child who genuinely thought the word gay exclusively meant ‘happy’ till I was like 12 and Mike on the bus informed me that I was wrong, but whatever. It was definitely a conscious choice by Disney, and no matter what your thoughts are about that, the movie was great and you should go see it and have a smile plastered on your face like I did!

So have you seen any of these movies, too? What did you think? I still have a free movie ticket I need to use up and I could see a new movie… but also I’m totally fine seeing any one of these again! I’m thinking it might be Beauty and the Beast… it was just so magical!

Gilmore Girls Revival: My Thoughts

By this point in time, I’m going to assume that you have already seen the Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life special episodes on Netflix. Or maybe you live under a rock. Or maybe you have no interest in Gilmore Girls, which in that case you need to make better life choices. Just kidding (kind of… it’s just so good!) BUT if you were going to watch it, then most likely you’ve seen the Netflix episodes at least once by now (they came out the day after Thanksgiving.)

As a die-hard Gilmore Girls fan, I had been waiting for these episodes for YEARS and was so excited when they were announced! I was visiting my parents when they came out after Thanksgiving, so I waited a few days to finally watch them and I definitely had… somewhat mixed feelings.

But, even though there were some parts that I REALLY REALLY REALLY did not like… I was so happy with it overall. I wrote down some of my thoughts while I was watching the 4 episodes and wanted to share them! (Warning: MAJOR spoilers ahead!)



  • The voice intro is kinda trippy… but I kinda really like it.
  • Yay! Hitting us with the “la la”s right away- this feels right.
  • Rory’s voice sounds different… but I can’t figure out how…
  • Rory didn’t tell Lane she was coming into town?!? Really?
  • Kirk has a pet pig. That makes sense.
  • What went wrong that the troubadour is STILL playing in Stars Hollow? (he still sounds great, tho!)
  • I was hoping the singing Rabbi would still be at their house!
  • Are we supposed to believe that Rory actually found success as a journalist? Really?
  • Rory tap dancing is probably the weirdest thing ever. Like, ever.
  • “And then I broke a hip.” Classic Lorelai wit – been missing that!
  • Emily looks amazing!
  • Richard’s painting is HUGE!!!
  • The funeral stuff was sad, but very well done, in my opinion.
  • Jason what whaaaaaaaat?!?! I love his little cameo!
  • Classic Emily and Lorelai fighting… oof that one was rough.
  • Paris is in NYC too??! Show us Paris, ASAP!
  • Oh Paris is SO very much “Paris” and this is amazing.
  • Wait… why is Rory kissing Logan?!?!?! Oh, that’s why…
  • So Rory is kinda terrible, huh…?
  • Rory got a HUGE cup for coffee and poured like ZERO coffee in there. Come on.
  • Taylor is still great!
  • Ooooh troubadour townie drama! This is what I’ve waited for!
  • No Paris and Doyle nooooo stay together forever!
  • Ummmmm why is Rory’s phone SO MASSIVE? Is that an actual phone? Why would anybody have that?
  • Emily in JEANS! I don’t know how to feel about this!
  • Oh good, therapy should be fun.



  • Fashion note – I love Lorelai’s navy cardigan in therapy.. super cute.
  • I love the international food fest! Fits perfectly in with the town we know and love.
  • Basket bidding! But can I just say that having the basket maker standing up with their basket during the bidding goes against the ENTIRE PREMISE of the basket bidding event we first saw in season 2? But really. It’s against the rules, I’m sure of it.
  • WAIT MR. KIM WHAT WHO WHY? I would have loved it more if they just waved and DIDN’T show who it was – but I get it, they were going for a joke.
  • So… why was Mitchum just stopping by their lunch in London?
  • Oh wait, Logan is ENGAGED? Ok, so they’re both kinda terrible, huh…?
  • Richard left all this money for Luke to franchise… did he leave anything for Lorelai?
  • It seems like Rory and Paris are the ONLY two alums at Chilton…right? And who is this fake Tristan? Why would they use a FAKE dude?
  • Go away Francie. We still don’t like you.
  • Jason Mantzoukas being on the show is GREAT! I don’t love him all the time, but he is a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan in real life, so this was a dream come true for him! (Seriously!)
  • I know that Sandy is the girl from Bunheads, but she also really reminds me of the RA from Rory’s first day at Yale… right?!?
  • Rory moves home!



  • Umm why is Rory wearing long sleeves to a pool and how is she not dripping in sweat?
  • April talking about SCIENCE!
  • How has Rory’s room not changed at all? Didn’t they make her room into Gigi’s at one point?
  • The Thirty-Something Gang cracks me up. I’m glad we don’t see a lot of them, tho.
  • Game of Thrones reference – I’d been waiting for one.
  • Wow, that is so convenient that Rory is home just in time to take over the Stars Hollow Gazette…
  • Oh hi, Sutton Foster!
  • The secret bar is awesome – such teamwork! And I guess another way to give Lane 4 seconds of screen time.
  • Sad, Michele don’t leave! (Lorelai’s hair looks amazing, btw!)
  • Well this musical is… interesting… but Lorelai’s facial reactions are the star here.
  • “Look I’m rappin’, just like Hamilton!” Hahahahaha
  • Uh oh fight in the cemetary.. Uh oh fight in the diner!
  • Lorelai crying will make me cry every single time. So yes, I cried here.
  • Lorelai going into nature is not super believable to me… but let’s see where it goes.



  • So there is just never going to be a theme song, huh? You’d think it would be the Carole King song where she sings “Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall” but I guess not.
  • Yes, Lorelai at a motel eating her food is what I pictured her “camping” to look like.
  • Aww yay, it’s the guy from Parenthood!
  • Life and death brigade weird fever dream sequence is literally the worst thing I’ve forced my eyes to look at. All of it is bad. All of it. Rory’s terrible dancing. The steampunk outfits. THE FACT THAT THEY USED THE SONG FROM ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. You couldn’t find a different cover? Come on, ASP.
  • But Finn looks like a very convincing pirate. And I’m glad that Colin was there, too. And Robert, I guess.
  • Yeah, leave now Logan bye bye now.
  • Yay the other guy from Parenthood (aka Lauren Graham’s real life boyfriend!)
  • Of course Rory is going to write her book in Richard’s study! Perfect! (Until Emily sells the house… then what?)
  • Yay, glad they finally brought out some pop tarts.
  • MISS CELINE! She really was the best! And how is she still alive?
  • Again, why does Rory have the biggest phone known to man?
  • Rory doing a Jack Bauer voice is the BEST!
  • CHRISTOPHER! What a sad way to end it with him.
  • I love how Lorelai asking for money to expand the inn exactly matches how she asked for money in the pilot.
  • Oh there’s Dean – I wondered when we would see him. I like that you can tell they’ve kept in touch somewhat. That’s nice.
  • Emily working at the museum and her whole new Nantucket life was just so wonderful – it’s making me a little emotional just thinking about it now!
  • Sam Phillip’s “Reflecting Light” playing made me lose it – oh my goodness they couldn’t have picked a better song for that moment!
  • The ending…… the final four words… whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!? I get it. I don’t hate it. It would have had more of an impact if it happened when the show first ended, but now we know!

So what did you think of the revival? Did you have any of the same thoughts that I did? Again, I really liked it overall and was so happy to have a little more Gilmore in my life. I thought the acting was astounding, all the characters seemed to pick right back up seamlessly, and the cameos were all pretty fun. (But man there were a lot of them!) What was YOUR favorite or least favorite part?