The Fates of Rory’s Boyfriends – Revisited

Before the Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls (A Year In The Life) came out, I wrote a post where I speculated the fats of Rory’s boyfriends. Shockingly, it was titled The Fates of Rory’s Boyfriends. I know. I’m so original. I thought that since now A Year In The Life is out, I should revisit the post and see if my predictions were correct!

Now, some of the boys that I speculated about weren’t featured in AYITL, so we can just assume that I am 100% right about them, right? Good, glad that we all agree, and I’ll just skip over those guys. As for the others that were included, I think I wasn’t that far off!

Dean – Oh Dean. Your future is not so bright. After breaking up with Rory for a third time (outside of Richard and Emily’s male Yale party, remember?), life was not kind to Dean. It wasn’t bad, just not awesome. He stuck around Stars Hallow for a little while (still living at his parent’s house and all) but he finally moved to the neighboring town of Woodbridge, where there seemed to be more opportunities for a young person who is kind of good at carpentry. He got super into Crossfit and has a man bun right now. He tried to rekindle things with Lindsay after a few years had gone by, and they were together for about 8 months, but she broke it off again when she realized he would never truly be over Rory. He is currently still single, but has “dated” every girl in his Crossfit box at least once. Revisited: So I wasn’t completely right about Dean… Although my guess could have totally happened, we don’t know! I was happy to see that he was happily married with kids, though.

Jess – I say yes to the Jess! (Gilmore Guys reference there, for any other Gillies reading!) Jess lived in Philadelphia for a while, working for the small publishing group and continuing to write in his spare time. He has published a book of essays and a full-length novel, which became marginally popular and is currently being made into a movie. Jess eventually moved to New York City where one of his essays is being produced into a play (it’s off off Broadway- don’t worry, Jess did not sell out.) He sees Rory from time to time when she is in the city, and they always enjoy catching up as old friends. Revisited: I was partially correct when it came to Jess! He became successful (in that he isn’t homeless) and has matured, and it was made pretty clear that he and Rory kept in touch every now and then over the years. One thing did become very clear in the revival tho… Jess is WAY too good for Rory! Go get someone better!

Logan – Logan won’t let a break up get him down! He did go to California like he planned, and had a fun time while there. He sold back the engagement ring and used that money to pay for a weekend in Vegas with Colin and Finn to drown his sorrows celebrate being a bachelor. He is rising in the ranks at his job and has merged his company with his family’s making himself a business tycoon. He has been engaged once, but called off the wedding when he realized that his bride-to-be was more interested in his family money than him. He is currently dating someone but has no desire to settle down for a while. He keeps an eye out on Rory’s career (from a distance) and had someone offer her a job at one of his family papers in NYC. Revisited: So I was kind of right here… Logan is still kinda slimy and is obviously doing well in his professional life. Clearly he is not ready to settle down (even though he is engaged) since he is cheating on his fiance with Rory. Boo.


Doyle – While Doyle and Rory weren’t actually interested in each other, he did awkwardly kiss her that one time and that means he gets added to this list. Doyle did follow Paris to her grad program and followed her again when it was time for her residency. They got married and Doyle likes to joke about that drunken kiss whenever Rory comes to visit them and their kids. (Paris does not like those jokes, tbh). Revisited: Doyle and Paris DID get married!!! But now Doyle and Paris are splitting up. Womp womp. I really like to think that they figure out a way to stay together, because Paris and Doyle are the best!

Tristan – Military school was very good for Tristan. He shaped up and began to see the potential in him that Rory always knew was there. He went to college at Dartmouth and kept waiting for Rory to join Facebook so that he could send her a friend request. He finally tracked her down and sent a quick note to say thanks for believing in him, which she thought was very nice. Tristan got a job at his father’s company, lives in Connecticut, and married a nice society girl who is also in the DAR. He ran into Rory once when she was back in Hartford visiting her family and they said they would keep in touch. She gets a Christmas card from Tristan’s family every year, but that’s about it. Revisited: So we didn’t actually get to hear from Tristan, and we didn’t even see the REAL Tristan (lame actor stand-in….psh) but the fact that he came back for the alumni day at Chilton means that he probably lives close by, so I’ll assume I’m right about him.

Robert (Logan’s friend that took Rory to the Quentin Tarantino theme party) – Robert thought all of his dreams were going to come true. His parents died early (sad for them, but Robert was always kind of awful and didn’t mind) and left him all of their money, which he then blew through within 2 years on vacations and building a giant mansion. He now shares this giant mansion with 42 roommates just to pay the bills. Revisited: We actually see him again! We see that he is still just as ridiculous as ever. If he hasn’t blown through all his money yet, then he will soon if he keeps being crazy with the Life and Death Brigade boys.

So while I didn’t get everything right, I didn’t get everything totally wrong, either! I like the way the characters turned out on A Year In The Life, but I also like the fake lives I gave them, too.


London Calling: My Airplane Playlist

Whenever I travel by air, I have a very specific routine that I follow each and every time. After I go through TSA and find my gate, I get a drink and a snack to enjoy while I wait for my flight to board. (I get to the airport pretty early just in case TSA is crazy, so I usually have a good chunk of time to sit and wait for my plane to arrive.) Once I have my Starbucks drink and my cheez-its, I sit at my gate, get out my book, and start up my travel playlist.

Sometimes I will just listen to whatever playlist I have going at the time, but I really like to create a playlist specifically for traveling. Really I use the music to block out other noises while I read. That sounds kind of silly, I know, but I’d rather hear my music in the background instead of people coughing or children whining, you know? So when I make a playlist for reading/traveling, I want to make sure it’s songs I already know and won’t feel obligated to stop and listen to, but songs that I like enough that if I do stop reading to just listen to music for a while, I won’t hate my life. I also want to make sure the songs are upbeat enough to keep me subconsciously energized, but not too crazy loud that I can’t concentrate or get woken up if I drift off to sleep. It’s a delicate process that I spend way too much time thinking about.

For this trip, I thought it would be fun to make a playlist with artists and songs I like that came from England, since that’s where I was going! I put a bunch of stuff on there (lots of Keane, Adele, and Ed Sheeran, for sure!) plus the scores from a few Harry Potter movies, just in case I wanted some wordless music to relax with. I’ll put this baby on shuffle and hope to get some good reading done!

My Go-To Starbucks Order

I love Starbucks!

Call me basic, but I love Starbucks. Who doesn’t, really?!? I’m not as obsessed as some of my friends, but I will stop by to get a drink without a second thought. I always think that I’m going to try something different, but time after time I keep ordering the chai frappuccino. SO GOOD!

I remember the first time I had Starbucks, purchased from the little location inside the grocery store next to my high school. It was summer (I think I was 16?) and I was at a summer color guard camp for my school, and the weapon line (rifles and sabres) took a little “adventure” with our coach and practiced spinning our rifles while walking across the field, street, and parking lot until we got to Starbucks for a treat. I don’t think I had ever had coffee before, and was sure I was going to hate it. (Oh young Kelly just you wait…) So the coach ordered me an iced caramel macchiato, convinced that I would love it since it “didn’t taste like coffee at all.” He was wrong – I hated it. Fast forward 2 years and I would be sucking them down like there was no tomorrow! Ha!

What’s your go-to order at Starbucks? I’m always looking for new delicious things to try… although since I’m a creature of habit, there is a 83% chance that I’ll chicken out and get ol’ reliable anyway. Unless it’s the winter, when I will just get the chai latte. Or if it’s the fall, in which case I will get the chai latte with a pump of pumpkin spice syrup. Are you sensing a theme here?

Swimsuit Season

Oh my goodness. It’s already the middle of April. Which means it’s basically May. Which means it’s practically summer. Which means we can all agree that IT IS SWIMSUIT SEASON! Did that sneak up on you really fast, too? Because I swear it was November yesterday and not time to go to the pool.

I have quite a few vacations coming up where swimsuits are required, so I took to the internet to see if I could find a new cute swimsuit for the season! Something I can wear at the pool in Las Vegas or at the lake with friends or just at the little apartment pool by myself.

I found a lot of super cute ones- some were very much out of my price range, but some were spot on!

I love this black scalloped 2-piece! I might order it to take to Las Vegas… It’s a good thing I never get a suntan because this would leave some pretty awkward tan lines! I’ll just have to make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, because that would leave just as awkward of sunburn lines… Yikes.

Which one is your favorite?!?

Recent Reads

Hey there! Happy weekend! And a happy Easter weekend! I’m spending the holiday in Oklahoma with my parents and it should be a fun time! We’ll hang out at the laundromat (their retirement business), I’ll get some work done, we’ll go to church, and we’ll have a nice Easter meal. I volunteered to make the dessert this year, and I’m pretty excited about it! I’ll share what I made later!

After my little blog break, I realized that I had a TON of books I had read and never shared, so I started sharing multiple at a time. I think I’m finally all caught up now! So I can stop trying to remember what I thought about books I read a while ago, and actually share fresh thoughts on fresh reads! Oh boy!! Here are 2 that I just finished in the last week.

Brooklyn || I’ll be honest, I only read this one because I wanted to watch the movie and I kind of felt obligated to read the book first. I won’t say that I was disappointed with this one… but I guess I just expected something different? Or something more… exciting? The story was a fine one, I did actually enjoy it, but it seemed like all of the action and drama happened in the last 1/4th and then it resolved extremely quickly. I’ll have to check out the movie now and see if I like it any more. But overall, the story was fine and I’m not mad that I read it.

The Princess Diarist || This one was actually kind of interesting. Carrie Fisher told some stories from getting her iconic role on Star Wars, she shared some things that happened during filming, but I’d say that a good bulk of the book was focusing on her affair with Harrison Ford. Nothing gross and not even that much detail, just how it happened and how it ended and how she felt during it, which since she was 19 years old was pretty insecure. She even shared a lot of the journal she kept while filming the first Star Wars movie. Her writing style for the book is kind of all over the place, and that made for some distracted reading, but overall it was kinda fun!