My Beauty Essentials

I am definitely not savvy when it comes to makeup. I don’t really know what I’m doing, I definitely don’t try to get fancy,, and I’ve been using the same “techniques” (I use air quotes because I don’t do anything special) since I first started using makeup in high school.

Even though I keep things pretty simple and I only use a few products every day, I do have a rather long list of tried and true products that I use ALL THE TIME. Some of them are old classics that I’ve been using for years and years and years, and some of them are more recent finds that I immediately fell in love with!

EYELINER || On just a regular day, I usually wear brown eyeliner. When I want to feel a little fancy and do more of a cat eye, I got for liquid black. I’ve been using the cheapest one I could find (it’s by e.l.f.) and it works great!

MASCARA || This. This is the one. I’ve been using this for YEARS and I will never ever never ever never change. I get compliments on my eyelashes ALL THE TIME and I give this mascara at least 70% of the credit.

LIPSTICK || I’m not usually a lipstick person, but this one from Julep came in the mail recently and I tried it and WOW it’s the best! The color is fantastic, and it literally lasts ALL DAY. I put it on in the morning, and then I get home from work and it still looks exactly the same.

FOUNDATION || I don’t use liquid foundation (actually I’ve never really tried it…) but I’ve been using this powder for years. It has a light coverage and does the trick!

MOISTURIZER || I don’t use this every day (usually because I forget about it, if I’m being honest…) but I do love using this bb cream from time to time. I usually use it after my regular moisturizer if my face is feeling especially dry or blah.

BROWS || When I am feeling a little bit more dramatic (or I have a little bit more time to get ready in the morning), I use this little brow powder. I love that the brush AND the product come in one tube! I’ll then top it off with the clear brow gel to make sure that everything stays in place.

CHEEKS || A little goes a long way with this one! I just dab this blush stick on my checks a few times and rub it in with my fingers and I’m good to go!

EYE SHADOW || I don’t usually wear eye shadow every day (are you sensing a theme here? hah) but I love this duo from Julep – it’s light enough that I can wear it to work, but can be layered to wear at night, too.

CONCEALER || I usually use the basic covergirl concealer, but the last time I went to target they were completely out!! Not good! I gave this e.l.f. one a try and I actually liked it a lot!!

Most of the products I use daily can be purchased at the drugstore, because I’m kinda cheap. The others are from Julep, a brand that I absolutely LOVE! They have great nail polish, and clearly I’m becoming a big fan of their makeup, too. I even have some of their face wash and night moisturizer and love that, too!! So what are your go-to products? Any good ones I should try out?


Cardigans for Fall

Hi, my name is Kelly and I’m addicted to cardigans. I wouldn’t say it’s a problem… because I just love them so much and I literally wear one EVERY DAY. Seriously. Not even joking. Every single day. I’ve been known for wearing cardigans since college – when I tell my friends that I’m going on a first date, one of the first things they ask is “so what cardigan will you be wearing?” They’re just so comfy and aside from being warm, they can really help pull an outfit together.

I do have some cardigans that I keep for certain seasons (like short sleeves for summer and chunky knits for the winter), but the spring and fall get a mixture of all the patterns and knits and colors. I was going through my wardrobe the other day and realized that I’ve had the same cardigans for a loooooooong time. Like, since I moved to Dallas! That’s only 2.5 years, but given that I basically wear the same 5 or 6 cardigans on constant repeat during the week, that’s a lot of wear per item!

I thought that a new season was a good opportunity to replace some of the more worn out items that can’t be repaired or are faded beyond the point where it is appropriate to wear them to work (I don’t want to look sloppy.) I started looking for good cardigans to add to my collection and even bought a few while they were on MAJOR sale! Check out my favorites!

1 | 2 | 3
4 | 5 | 6
7 | 8 | 9

I really try to have a variety when it comes to my sweaters, and I love all of the ones above – I would buy them all if it was in my budget!! I actually did end up buying number 7 – the wrap cardigan from Loft. I just loved the fit and the style and I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of it. I love the ruffle on number 2, and the blazer look of number 3 is to die for (I’ll be keeping an eye on both of those and waiting for a good sale!)

Do you have a go-to item of clothes that you’re known for? Do you have a favorite store for buying cardigans and sweaters? Let me know!!

Fall Quotes (Cuz I’m Tired of Summer Already)

Happy Friday, friends!! I hope y’all have had such a great week! Mine was pretty good – I was SUPER productive at work which is always a great feeling, I had dinner at my sister’s house and got to play with my nephews for a while, I got some cute new work clothes (on MAJOR sale!!!), and I got to talk to some sweet friends on the phone! I don’t have too much planned for this weekend, and I’m kind of looking forward to just relaxing, doing some seriously cleaning, and going to dinner to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

As I’ve said about 18 times already this week, I’m SO excited that it’s finally fall! I’ve got my fall bucket list ready to go, I’ve got a delicious fall candle burning next to me as I type this, but…. it’s kind of hard to get into the fall spirit when it’s still pretty warm outside. Warm and rainy, which makes it humid and gross. But thankfully the internet has lots good fall quotes to trick my mind into feeling all warm and cozy!

Black and White Cookies

The last time I was in New York City (which was over 4 years ago – how has it been that long already?!?!) I had an hour or so to kill before I needed to head to the airport, so I ducked into a little deli to grab some lunch. While ordering, I decided to treat myself to a little cookie for my last little meal in NYC, and I grabbed a black and white cookie to snack on after finishing my sandwich. Y’all. It was so good.

So good in fact, that I went back in line after finishing my lunch and grabbed another cookie to take with me on the plane. How had I never seen these before?!? Were they just a “New York” thing?!? Why didn’t I buy 19 to take back with me?!?

I stumbled across a recipe on Pinterest a while ago for black and white cookies and I was never able to get them out of my mind… so I decided to try and make them for myself! It was… interesting!

My thoughts on making black and white cookies: 

  • The dough was a lot stickier that I anticipated. You kind of have to shape the cookies with your hands wet, which I wasn’t used to doing, so I felt a bit unsure about what I was doing.
  • I didn’t get the chocolate icing as smooth as I was supposed to…. but it still tasted delicious so I’m ok with that.
  • These cookies are BIG so when the recipe says to place them 2 inches apart on the baking sheet, you really need to place them 2 inches apart!
  • It might seem weird to put the frosting on the bottom of the cookie, but do it anyway! The flat surface ensures that all the icing goodness stays on top which means you get to eat more icing which is really the goal here.

Even though I was not super confident with this recipe and I know for a fact I did something to mess up the chocolate icing a little bit, they still turned out SO GOOD and SO DELICIOUS! I’d be interested in trying a different recipe to see if maybe I can get them to turn out a little better. Making more cookies is never a bad thing… 🙂

What’s your favorite cookie recipe to make or one you’ve been dying to try?!?

10 Things to Know Before Moving to Dallas

As long as I can really remember, I’ve always wanted to wind up living in Dallas. I’m not really sure why, but it was just kind of where I saw myself living when I grew up. Fast forward a bunch of years and when I was finally getting ready to move down here to Texas, and I realized that I didn’t really know ANYTHING about the city. I knew the basics and that people were friendly and that the neighborhoods were great, but I didn’t know much more than that.

So was my move a little crazy? Maybe. But you know what? I LOVE Dallas and I’m so glad that I get to call this amazing city home! There are just SO many great things to do and see and so many delicious places to eat (like, a crazy amount of places to eat…) but there is so much more to Dallas. So many little oddities and quirks that I think everybody should know and love, and things that I think would be good to know before moving here!

A Mambo Taxi is Not Transportation

When you move to Dallas, you’ll hear about the mambo taxi pretty quick, since they’re extremely popular here. It’s not a new form of transportation, but a delicious drink, but beware, it packs a punch. The mambo taxi is a frozen margarita swirled with sangria. I don’t even like sangria and I don’t super care for plain margaritas, but something about the flavors swirled together make this pretty darn delicious.

Yes, You’ll Still Need a Winter Coat Here

I was so excited to move to Texas and escape the cold midwest winters… only to find out that it still gets kind of cold in Dallas. It even snowed for 4 hours last year! So while it is warm here, it’s still North Texas, so hang on to the winter coat. And scarf. And gloves.

The Summers are No Joke

Dallas might be in the north part of Texas, but the summers here can still be pretty brutal. It’s October now and I’m still wearing short sleeves and shorts on the weekends. Buy your sunscreen in bulk and start appreciating the air conditioning!

You Won’t Love Every Neighborhood…

…but you’ll definitely like the majority of them. All of the Dallas neighborhoods are so unique and different and have so many varying things to offer. Deep Ellum, Lake Highlands, Uptown, Oak Cliff – all so good!

Most Restaurants Offer Brunch

This is something that I’m still not used to. “Brunch places” aren’t really a thing down here like they are in the midwest, but most restaurants – doesn’t matter what kind – will offer weekend brunch. Mexican restaurants offer weekend brunch. Bars offer weekend brunch. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it, but I’m not mad about all the brunch options!

The State Fair is LEGIT

You guys… do you know how awesome it is to live in the city that hosts the State Fair of Texas?!!? It’s huge! It’s amazing! You get to see exhibits, concerts, taste all the fun and creative food, go to the petting zoo, potentially buy a mattress… it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Luxury Cars are Everywhere…

…and they really don’t mean anything at all. There’s a term down here, “$30,000 Millionaire” and it’s an epidemic. These youngins dress very well, have brand new luxury cars, spring for bottle service at the club, but have terrible jobs and probably still live at home. It’s not very nice, but it’s a thing so you shouldn’t feel bad about driving your silver Honda Civic when you’re surrounded by BMW’s and Tesla’s.

Public Transit Can Be Great

But you need to get to know it. I take the DART every day to and from work, but I’m lucky enough to live by an express bus. Learn where the bus and train lines go, and don’t be afraid to give it a try. It beats paying for parking when you can avoid it!

Love Field is the Best Airport in America

Granted, I’m a Southwest Airlines fan, but I must say that Love Field is the best airport. Hands down. It’s got Chick-Fil-A (#blessed), TSA rarely ever has a line, the airport is clean, and if you have your flight change gates but miss the announcement and then they call your name over the intercom because your plane is about to leave and you’re not on it and you have to literally run across the entire airport, you won’t have to run far because airport is pretty small! Not speaking from experience there at all……..

You Can Watch Live Sports Year Round

You want sports?!?! Dallas has sports!! Professional football (duh), major league soccer, major and minor league baseball, NBA basketball, major and minor league hockey, a WNBA team – take your pick. I’m partial to the minor league baseball games, myself. The Roughriders always put on a great show and you can’t beat fireworks after a game!

So what do you think – are you ready to move to Dallas now?!? I hope that now you know a little bit more about my favorite city, and maybe you can think about some of your favorite things about your city, too!