Five for Friday #35

Hello and happy Friday! I am happy to announce that the busiest summer ever is now (hopefully) officially over! Let’s recap – over the last 3 months, I’ve traveled to England, visited my sister in Houston, attended a conference in Las Vegas, threw a bachelorette party in Las Vegas, relaxed on a girls lake weekend in Branson, hosted a bridal shower for my bestie Jen in St. Louis, and then finally this last weekend I went back to St. Louis for Jen’s wedding (I was so honored to be her maid of honor!!!)! Phew- that’s a lot!

I don’t think I have ANY plans this weekend and I can’t tell you how happy I am about that! I’ll go to church, and I have some chores to do (all the laundry), but other than that I’ll just relax and crochet and watch movies and maybe get around to unpacking my suitcase from last weekend. Maybe.

Here’s what has been on my radar lately…

One || 11 career lessons we can learn from Hamilton.Β The obsession is still alive and well, y’all.


Three || I get a TON of my book recommendations from TheSkimm. Check out some of their Skimm Reads here, here, here, and here.

Four || I’m a very optimistic person, and this article shows just how important that can be.

FiveΒ || If you’ve ever seen a Wes Anderson movie, you know just how visually beautiful they can be. People have been sharing places that belong in Wes Anderson films and they are incredible!

There you have it! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Work Wardrobe Inspiration

Everybody loves casual Friday, right? At my office, it’s the best day of the week. You get to wear JEANS and it’s kind of silly because it’s so small, but it really puts a pep in my step! For the month of July, my company decided to do something nice and instead of our usual business casual dress code, we got to wear jeans ALL MONTH LONG!!! I don’t know why, but it seriously made it easier to plan my outfits and get dressed in the morning.

Now that today is the first day of August, that means I must start dressing like a real professional lady once again… but I just don’t really feel like it… I’ve been feeling like I needed some inspiration in the work wardrobe department, so I took to instagram to find some cute outfits to inspire me and make me excited to put on “real” work clothes once again. Get ready for a picture overload!

|| dress pants||

One of my all-time favorite color combos πŸ’•πŸ’™πŸ’• #navyornothing #edsftg

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Packing these plaid pants for the holidays ❀ @vineyardvines #edsftg

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Pretending it's Spring today in my latest post sharing a few of my warmer weather outfit staples. (Link in bio)

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|| skirts ||

Burgundy and gray on the blog today. #didthatjustrhyme.

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|| dresses ||

Can't stop won't stop buying navy fit-and-flare dresses 😁 The one in today's post is only $68!

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Stay hydrated 😎@jmclaughlinny

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|| white jeans ||

Loving this bike basket from @ChappyHappy! πŸ€— 🚲 New post on the blog! #liketkit

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what a GORGEOUS day πŸ˜ŽπŸ‚β€οΈ

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Today's full outfit, how cute are these sandals from @tjmaxx? β˜€οΈ

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So many cute outfits, right!! A lot of those dresses I would pair with a cardigan for the office, but I love them just the same. Looking through all of these, a few things have become clear – I apparently REALLY like blue tops with white jeans, I like button down shirts with skirts a lot, and I feel like I need to do some serious SHOPPING!! (Don’t worry, I won’t… too much…) What’s your go-to work wear look like?

How to Handle Not Getting the Job

I feel like I’mΒ really good at going on job interviews. I don’t mean to sound braggy, I actually find it kind of hilarious. I rock phone interviews. I wow the recruiter, and I make the hiring manager excited to meet me. I do really well in a Skype interview. Those things get me to a lot of in-person interviews where it’s just down to me and one other person. So while I’m really good at going on interviews, I’m not very good at actually getting the job. (Which is totally fine- I’ve gotten all the jobs I was meant to have and obviously I don’t want a job where it wouldn’t be a good mutual fit).

Because of this, I’ve had a lot of experience dealing with the aftermath of the “sorry, we went with the other guy” call/email. Sometimes it wasn’t a big deal because I didn’t feel very confident leaving their office (like the most recent interview I went on). Sometimes it was a bummer because I felt like I was qualified, but ultimately I was ok (like an interview I had with a major tech company a few years ago). And there have been one or two times where I was genuinely disappointed and might have shed a tear which seems very dramatic, I realize, but at the time I was just really upset (like an internship I really wanted in college).

Disappointments are always going to be a part of life, but I wanted to share some tried and true ways to handle the situation when you’ve gone through an interview process and don’t end up getting the job.

Let yourself feel disappointed. ||Β It’s totally understandable to feel kind of down when a recruiter says sorry, but no. It’s ok to feel sad and even feel a little bit of a loss. If you’re like me, you immediately start planning you *new life* that will come along with this new job, and it can be terrible to let go of that.

Do something to make you happy. ||Β But don’t go too crazy, now. Do something to perk yourself back up once you’ve heard the news. Get an ice cream cone. Go for a nice long walk. Buy some new stationary and send a card to a friend. Just a little something to get your spirits up.

Reflect on the parts of the interview that went well. || Think about the questions that you ROCKED. What were they? How did you answer them? What made you so confident for those portions of the interview? Write down your great answers so you can remember them for future interviews.

Reflect on the parts of the interview that did not go well. || If you can pinpoint certain parts or questions that were difficult for you, think about why. What were the questions? Were there any that you were not prepared for? How could you have improved your answer? Why didn’t you feel confident for those portions of the interview? Write down the tough questions so you can work on better answers for future interviews.

Ask for feedback. || This part isn’t necessary, especially if you know why an interview didn’t go well, but asking for feedback from the manager or recruiter (whoever you talked to) is one of the most important parts of a “failed” interview. They’ll usually be willing to tell you an area of weakness you can work on, a skill you should gain, if there was something else specific that made you seem like a less than ideal candidate, or if simply the other person was just a better fit.

Move on to the next one. || No minor setback is going to hold you down! Take what you’ve learned, and use that to improve yourself for the next time you have a job interview. It might not seem like it gets easier, but hopefully you’ll feel more prepared and land the job of your dreams!

Recent Reads

Every time I get a library book with folded corners, a little part of my soul gets crushed. Just use a bookmark! Or a piece of paper! Or the receipt that the library gives you telling you when the book is due! Don’t be a monster!!!

I seriously feel like my reading schedule has been all out of wack this summer. Busy work schedule means a busy home schedule, which means I was doing other things at home instead of reading. I did manage to finish a few books over the last few months (mostly on airplanes and in airports if I’m being honest), and I’ve started a few others. For instance, I started reading Ron Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton, but that thing is a big beast and there is no way I am going to finish that any time soon!

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar ChildrenΒ || This book had been on my list for a pretty long time, and so I finally decided to give in and read it. It took a lot longer to finish than I’d like to admit, and that’s because I kept getting kind of bored. Me telling myself that I couldn’t watch the movie till I finished the book kept me going, though, and I’m glad that I read it to the end. Once the action started to pick up (in the last 1/3 of the book) I couldn’t seem to put it down. Now I want to read the other books in the series to find out what happens to these peculiar characters!

My Not So Perfect LifeΒ || This book was just adorable! I picked it because it took place in England and I read it during my trip to England, and it was the perfect light vacation read. The plot got a little bit ridiculous at some points, but the sweet relationships between the family made me love the whole thing. It wrapped up really well and had a nice message that real life isn’t as picture perfect as social media would have you believe, and that’s ok.

All Our Wrong TodaysΒ || This book was really interesting to read, and I highly recommend it! It was a little bit science fiction which kept it imaginative, and a little bit adventure which kept the plot rolling, and a little bit romance which kept me reading. Basically imagine if technology today was SO advanced that it made everything in our world easier and “better”, but someone went back in time and ruined everything (or at least the catalyst that made the advance of that technology possible) which left us with the “worse” today that we currently live in. Trust me, just read it.

Happy reading!!

Currently Obsessing Over: Suits

No, I’m not suddenly really into wearing suits or any sartorial matter. But IΒ have recently been watching the TV show Suits and y’all…. I’m obsessed. I can’t stop watching!! (Which is sometimes problematic when the dvds aren’t ready for me at the library yet and I have to wait which is very inconvenient!!)

I watched the first season of Suits when it was on the air (so back in 2011) and I LOVED it, but then I got busy and then I moved and got rid of my cable and so I didn’t watch it again. After I recently got rid of my Netflix account and started getting my movies and tv shows from the library, I decided to pick the show back up again. I’m not even fully caught up with the series yet (it’s still on the air, on the USA network!) but there are so many things about the show that I love!!!

Like… the romance!!! All the couples are so fun to watch and I am seriously finding myself rooting for ALL of them!! Even ones that aren’t even officially together. They need to get together. And even ones that if I knew them in real life I’d say “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU DON’T BE WITH THAT PERSON THIS IS A TERRIBLE LIFE CHOICE” but since they’re fictional characters, I get to say “YAY PLEASE STAY TOGETHER FOREVER AND YES KISS HER!!!!!”

And… the drama!!! I know absolutely nothing about the legal world and what the day-to-day life of a lawyer is like, but this show leads me to believe that it would be filled with DRAMA and corporate battles and backstabbing coworkers!! Some of the characters and the shady things they do have made me so mad… but in a way where I definitely need to keep watching and make sure that they get put in their place.

I should mention the language real quick… even though it’s a “family friendly” show, they sure do say lots of words and phrases a LOT. Like, geez. I’m sure you can think of a different phrase to use, writers.

But back to the good stuff… the clothes!!! All these attractive people are just dressed SO WELL every single day and it makes me want to go shopping for some new work clothes. But I won’t, because I’m a realistic person and I know that I won’t wear pencil skirts/dresses/crazy high heels every day to work. Nope. I’ll just watch them looking fabulous and be happy with that. And the men in their suits look so handsome!

And along with the clothes… the hair!!! These women are giving me serious hair goals. They have the best blowouts every day, and it makes me want to actually try to make my hair look great every day at work instead of my classic front-twist-low-bun that happens at least 4 days a week.

To balance the drama is… the humor!!! This show is actually pretty funny, and it really keeps it nice and light instead of super dramatic all the time like other legal shows (such as The Good Wife, which I still love…)

It has one of my favorite things in the world… when the real life significant others of the main cast show up as a minor character!!! I just think it’s really fun to see them together on screen and then know that they’re married in real life and it just makes me happy.

And finally… it just has really fun characters!!! There’s the con-man that you’re really rooting for, the pompous jerk who you get to watch as his heart of gold comes out, the smarmy co-worker who eventually grows to be one of your favorite people, the sassy redhead who amazes you with her wit, the sweet gal who is the hardest worker on the whole show, the fearless boss who rocks all day every day, and so many more great people!!

Actually there’s one last thing… I saw online that one of my favorite actors Dule Hill is going to be on Suits this current season and that makes me so happy! I can’t wait to catch up so I can see him once again! He was a main character in anther USA show called Psych (it was seriously so funny and great!) and this will hold me over until the Psych movie comes out later this year!!

Have you seen Suits? Do you love it as much as I do? What show are you currently obsessing over?